How to stop being a real prick, 8.08.2013, GlZ0S1POWiuuTPsgnlKPVjWCDF8EaAi2

Actually, the title should be «How not to be a real m…», but we decided not to swear, and you never know: will close nafig.

A lot of people living in the world and really do not understand that they are real and rare goats who spoil the lives of themselves and others. But for some reason they believe that this society does not understand, around negative people, and they are what they are. Today, we will help you to understand, not the real you jerk, and help you stop them to be and do.

1. Stop hiding behind the mask of the alpha male, 8.08.2013, XSh1JFNOGJfN2w5b9BwgtWSsDmgctek8

You’re not an alpha male, man, you’re on the market! Assholes in stretched t-shirts, black glasses and tight pants do not pull on the alpha males. Human society is not a wolf pack, we’re not even a handful of hunters, we are a society whose members must communicate with each other, otherwise they will die. The ethologists, for example, generally believe that such concepts as alpha, beta and omega in human society is not, and monkeys actively beating the monkey, which fertilizes another female, and then not help her in the raising of offspring. Who wants to see the parasites? Alpha male for most people, the closest in description to the word «goat». A real alpha male looks like. Or as Clint Eastwood.

No, if you behave like an alpha male, then you’re not going to remind you of such a hero-type Batman, Han Solo or Wolverine. But worst of all, behind the label alpha samavati hiding the usual wimp and asshole, the girls, attracted by the «bad guy», the spit and disappointed in men, but what are you?

Be a goat-the same thing that being an alcoholic: the main thing is to admit it and stop trying to portray animal in the pack, to lift up the other dudes and gluing of women who are not interested in you.

2. Compassion is not only for rags, 8.08.2013, x2bBHUCi8yI5RMV0MRBkyXDQ2b530qOc

Empathy and sympathy is an important human traits. But with the PR they somehow tight. The life of a goat is the best way to score on empathy and to give vent to his dark emotions, anger and other nasty things. When your close brow there is some kind of problem in life, you instead maintain it, starts over him to joke and mock. Now, put yourself in his place — I agree, you wouldn’t be nice to hear something like that! This kind of behavior — fear of appearing weak. Why the weakness in us closely linked to such phenomena as the manifestation of any emotion. Emotions do not make us weak, weak us just makes the lack of any empathy: most people immediately understand what tongue-in-cheek rudeness is an indicator of a rotten soul or a protective mechanism of the infantile personality. Empathy is an important element of human nature.

3. Understand that your personal rules do not have to take all around, 8.08.2013, 2Bk9TXmZHe0Cop7QZGpayOAC0KIakYOV

Each person has their personal rules. Sometimes they interfere with him to do what is provided by society, for example, pick up passengers, sometimes they are just stupid, and sometimes they just are, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Worst of all, when you start your inner code to judge people in the spirit: «This girl’s foul — prrrrretty!» Anything other than «M. duck» about you will not tell!

Sometimes people around don’t understand why you’re doing something, so there are two choices: either you’re not doing anything strange, different from the norm, not to palitsya once again, or you explain it to people around. While KOs will find a rock or you don’t get the face or the ego from the other guy, it is vitally recommend you not to stick out your personal principles and sets of rules: they are not only useless, but doesn’t make you a principled man — they make you m. a duck with a set of rules.

4. Think about the motivation to be so, 8.08.2013, 2AR3YptgNkwIMFRA8MV7MAMbhHiSqSQg

Usually dudes who act like that in some way confident that they live in a world that is reminiscent of a Hollywood Thriller. They consider themselves to Wines Diesels that every minute waiting for that fist of the enemy will come to them from the darkness and break their stylish black sunglasses. Well, or Statename. You know, people are just all like unique snowflakes.

Where is the line between hero and fool, wishing to get pleasure from vengeance and other Goodies?

And now imagine that the heroine of uma Thurman from «Kill bill» is revenge the people who killed her family and shot her in the head, for 4 hours looking for an old woman, who in the subway accidentally stepped on her leg and stained her favorite «Reebok»? I agree that motivation should at least be… reasonable.

Instead of which affect man in a trifling matter or to stuff his face, it is better to stop and think would be your «revenge» a good script for the movie «Rambo 7».

5. And ask yourself another question before you do anything else…, 8.08.2013, bI5i4cCEjNwhyGOQBDzPWgx82UHBn6DO

And finally, the most important issue… Everything that I do brings me more good than I do harm to others? Sounds a bit selfish, isn’t it? But we’re not here to become saints, and to cease to be a m..the Dacians. If what you take someone’s Parking spot, will help you not to be late for work, if you steal a piece of bread, in order not to die of hunger, not because you like it so much it’s not so bad.

If that’s what you get as a result, significantly fewer of those inconveniences that you have brought to people, then congratulations, you’re a dunce and an asshole! This has got to do something!

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