How to stop aimlessly spending time on the computer

This asshole steals your gold minutes, you may your best years. Now think over why your best years look so flawed. How much time is wasted! Not fun, and mindless, aimless gatherings at the monitor. Most just sitting, not trying to find interesting information and hoping the information will find them. This lack of personal time, work suffers, someone studying, someone of their personal lives. At uni we had a teacher who was not allowed to spend any more classes aimlessly. For the second blank view in the window (and not that the seat is in the phone) she could, if God forbid, pointed out, to expel from the pair. Because it’s all empty, it takes the «Golden couple minutes» and prevents the most important bit of knowledge to get into his head. Deep down, we wanted her to die in terrible agony from gangrene Asses, but over time you begin to realize that it is, in General, was right. Although it is impossible to spend an hour and a half maximum concentration.

How not to waste time in life we won’t tell, because sometimes for unloading depleted the body Oblomov «magic doing nothing.» But how not to waste it in vain at the computer, we’ll advise you. Because this beach… motherfucker.

Health is at risk

At this point, you realize that no wonder your grandmother constantly laments: «Sitting in his compacter, and white light can not see. All clicks and clicks!»

Notice that the aimless gatherings sometimes worse than just not productive working under the supervision of the chief of Cerberus. Emotionally, you burn out like a candle wick. And what happens to your soul when, in addition to get-togethers, you need to do unpleasant work, to explain, I think not. It would seem, sit, work, not, not spend an hour or two wasted fails. And so many people.

So, before you open the tab «VC» remember the words of the modern Hippocratic that sitting in front of a computer screen for more than 4 hours a day can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (even if you’re doing enough physical exercise during the entire week), you, kills, and then there’s the mindless sitting.

Some researchers swear, hand on the Bible, that excessive stay in front of the computer screen causes damage to brain tissues, and this eventually reduces the brain’s ability to function. Well, and most common, carpal tunnel syndrome, which is most susceptible to the most ardent computer users.

But that’s not all. We don’t want to call you crazy, but if, God forbid, you have some minor violations, the stream is easily accessible, as ladies of the Boulevard Red light district, information online can energize superfluous, unnecessary thoughts. In fact, many hypochondriacs love to search the Internet for diagnoses barely manifested symptoms. The result is panic and dark thoughts. We call hypochondriacs psihbolnymi, just self-medication, says Elena Malysheva, «mazday, paid medicine forever!»

We will be talking about Internet addiction. The more even will remember about the game. About them and so all known: addiction, then depression, anxiety, feeling isolated, irritability, headaches, weight loss, weight gain. And all this is enhanced by extra online hours. And yet, sitting mindlessly, you just don’t have time to do the job. Time is short, trying to do everything, you start to get nervous and hysterical. In the end disfigured as a light smoker, the nervous system and broken ribs from the customer that you in time have not passed the order.

If you, like most nowadays, do not care about their health and do not care about the risk of developing cardiovascular psychopath, because you’re depressed, then move on.

Make a list of favorites

You will need to write a list of your persona visited sites, pages and games. Look at them. Just take a look. And now, with a cool head and common sense, excluding from this list unnecessary. Leave only those without which you really can not live, and those that may be useful to you for life and work. At clearly, think not, definitely in the list of sites. And now, leaving only the most necessary, flick of the wrist, without regret, like Taras Bulba killing his Andrew, delete all unnecessary text from unnecessary newsletters and of little interest to the public. Look, look! Isn’t it a miracle? Small but neat list came out.

The order of the day

However, some comrades, for example, bloggers, people who work with information, you need a large amount of information. Even archipalago. In such cases the patient should sharply limit the flow of information. Although bloggers aimlessly wasting hours of mindless sitting. In this case, it is necessary to schedule use of the computer. To take on entertainment and other pointless pandemonium a certain amount of time. But without concessions. Not enough time, not enough. Be honest with yourself, and not in front of us, don’t kid yourself.

You’ll notice that, in the language of Nekrasov, the «entertainment» you need not so much time that you do it. Can even afford to put a timer, so God forbid not to miss the time X – time when you need to get to work. By the way, some recommend to first work hard and then you play with toys, but with distant relatives to communicate. Just a desire to have fun and relax envelop black smoke and will run faster. Besides, you’ll be so tired that you won’t sit.

A small dose of social networking

The main thief of time – social networking. To view funny pictures and send them to your friends takes almost more time than to turn to the doctor Monday morning. To do this, when we sit at the computer with a purpose (watch a movie, work, like the avatar girl who’ll never be yours, you just do what you need, and out of the ill-fated networks. That’s all. And that’s how it happens: logs in and out. Gone. Here, even the Groin of the whole «battle of the psychics» will not help you. The abyss in the depths of the news is easier than in the swamp. One link opens another, there is new information and so on. Scary.

And don’t use perelinkovki. A thankless job. Unless, of course, it’s not linking with articles

Find a hobby

Say that wasting time only people unenthusiastic. What follows from this? Hackneyed trivial about what we need to find a hobby to taste, to see more friends, walk, ride a bike, fizkulturno to do, and that’s as passed, read a book, get out of the closet an old guitar and use the computer as a tool for sticking and as a tool for the search of video tutorials. I’m sorry, but to paint a hobby we’re not going. Another time.

Technique against stuck

Oh, and finally. Internet technology, if you do not know about, too care about your life. To ensure that the cause of your «failure» – an inefficient use of time, will help accounting software Yaware.TimeTracker. Install it on your computer, you can control the use of the Internet and not fall into traps, generously spaced in the Network.

Avoid loose sand and help browser. In Google Chrome there is an extension Blocker. In the extension settings you can specify a list of addresses to which you want to remove. Now when I try to run something from the forbidden can be observed eloquent inscription: «Engage!» If you really want to watch something, for example, you’ve blocked YouTube, you can click on the unlock button and enter dvadtsatiletnej randomly generated code. At 14 you think, and do you really need to watch this video. Of course, if something is not as important as the performance of Pahom in «the Battle of psychics.» Then it is better to unlock. Just there are Holy things.

We know that in General didn’t offer you anything new. And you thought, we’ll show you the magic method Uruguayan sorcerer of Cassidula, according to which you need to eat the frog liver during a full moon and everything goes? No, in this case, I can go to Church, put candles and little God to ask for deliverance from addiction. However, instead we’ll still have something to promise. If it helps, we are happy. But in any case, to solve a problem, you need to make the effort.

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