How to stay productive working from home

manygoodtips.com_12.11.2014_0j8jVQBNJIpdUWork in a comfortable home seems like a great option for entrepreneurs, and for some hired workaholic. You create your schedule, dress code, make plans, do not stick in the morning and evening traffic jams. But there are certain risks associated with such a regime. More often it is reflected in your own family members, Pets, the TV or the couch. And it is all good! But as long as distractions don’t become dominant. Today we’ll show you how to stay focused and productive when you work from home and make use of the benefits offered is, for many, an enviable position.

1. Be honest

This item we delivered the first, as it is necessary at once to set things up on the shore and see the truth. Some of the most valuable employees just don’t have the stamina and concentration to work at home, where every step you await the sofa and TV broadcasts in time cool sitcom, the refrigerator with different Goodies. If you are overcome with laziness as soon as you sit down to your super-comfy sofa, and there’s nothing that could motivate to work, the decision to work as a freelancer not the wisest, because your personal and professional habits, desires and needs do not fit with understanding of solo work.

2. Define a workspace

Moving with the laptop from the kitchen to the hall from the couch to the clean and jerk is that part of freedom which provides work from home. But if you’re faced with the fact that thoughts are confused, and the concentration falls, it is best to reserve a personal workspace, where, in addition to computer will be different records, paper documents, flash drives, tools – everything you need for work in one place.

3. Equip it

After you have designated a workspace, the time to organize it properly. This is your personal account in your own apartment! Can put in a prominent place in the collection of dinosaurs, the existence of which is known only to you alone, to hang opposite the giant clock to put on the table a photo of Sasha grey – Yes, anything! Any absurd or thing that makes you pleasant memories or a burst of high spirits, could there be. You’re the boss, and your workspace is an important part of life, you spend a huge amount of hours in a day.

4. Stick to the schedule

An advantage of working at home is that you can manage your time, choosing and adjusting the schedule. Each of us has a watch like this, when we are most productive and full of creative enthusiasm. Need to monitor and to determine their own best of 24 hours time.

5. Appearance

Of course, they can afford to work in stupid shorts and stretched at the knees sweatpants, after all, but your laptop, your pathetic no one sees. But to perform meaningful work, not washing, not brushing teeth, dressed in rags bagatskii, frankly, absolutely worthless as it does not help performance. Ask yourself the right tone from the beginning! Order should begin with the external order.

6. Do the breaks

Grinding work at any time of the day or night is not a healthy trend. Even if you’re a workaholic with experience be kind enough to break away from the screen a bit to overload your mind to recharge intellectual batteries. Soak your aching bones, arrange a coffee break, face the arrogant pigs in Angry Birds.

7. Come out to the people

You have to get out of the house, to make connections with the right people in your life, those who are useful for you or become so in the future. Are you an entrepreneur or a journalist, startups or the writer is not important, important is to before you realized that your customers are unlikely to live with you on the same landing. Agree in advance about the meeting and get your butt in public places, where will be important to promote your business identity.

In General, do step away from the monitor to you personally, privately interact with your friends, family, colleagues, partners and customers, of course, if you are scattered in different parts of the world. Seminars, events, conferences – you need to light your face on important and interesting events in your city, to you, your ideas and your business become recognizable.

Plus at such meetings of like-minded people you can get some advice or help from current practitioners, which will undoubtedly help you grow on a professional level.

8. Multimdeia

Now there are hundreds of options for online communication: phone calls, texts, Facetime, email, Skype, G+, social networking, and the list goes on and on. Choose a few convenient options for you and your client and try to always be in touch.

9. Create a calendar

Do you know each morning, taking my head from the pillow, what’s the goal you have in priority, the issue needs to be addressed urgently, what to move and what to consider in the future? No? Then it’s time to start the calendar. If you work for someone, warehouses structured list of files you requested, don’t forget to mark deadlines. If you’re a young shark business, take the time to carefully study each business-tasks that, in your opinion, can lead you to success. Appreciate your time: better to correctly make such a list, spending once on a time, if necessary, modify it, than to run the risk to miss something because of carelessness and forgetfulness.

10. Priority system

Want less work and more fun? Create a system of priorities that will help to determine the factors having the greatest influence on your clients, colleagues or superiors. Avoid anything that is wasting your time, but does not have or does not bring any value. Write down all the tasks you perform daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and ruthlessly get rid of everything that does not contribute to your financial growth.

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