How to stay motivated for training


Motivation for training — a topic to which we turn again and again to keep going back to the gym. Everyone knows how nice it is, and everyone during the workout certainly caught myself the pleasure: «I would do so indefinitely, it is part of my life.» And sometimes you run out of steam, and go to the gym or for a run after work it is hard. Here are seven tips to stay motivated.

1. Convenience

Find a gym or Park that you are comfortable in terms of accommodation. Ideally this far you need to walk from home or from work almost every day. So much easier to develop a habit. They say that the hardest part of the workout is to get to the gym. Much harder to make excuses if the gym is a block from the house.

2. Do what you like

Choose exercises or types of physical activity that you like. The pleasure you can get from trying to beat the guy pulling the weight with you. Whatever you do, it you like.

3. Warehouses a good playlist

Think about music or just download some playlist. You can find them even on different fitness websites. If music is not your area, listen to a podcast, an audiobook or a lecture. If you do cardio, it is especially important.

4. Find a partner

Simple and effective. He or she may perform very different exercises and not to be your best friend. It is important to engage with someone to stick to a schedule — it may even be just a neighbor.

5. Set a record

Bring something like a diary of his training. You can even create a blog. If you do not claim the attention of the audience, just download some application to your smartphone to monitor progress. You can bring it with me this diary, if so you are comfortable. Some like each month to be photographed for clarity. So you will be able to visually track your changes and note what group of muscles you should work. To be photographed once a month doesn’t make sense, and instead motivala pictures will serve as a demotivator.

6. Set goals

Small steps. Remember, it is much easier to change something, not dramatically, but gradually. Set ourselves achievable goals are realistic for your body. Write down this goal in a diary, and when you reach it, write down the next goal.

7. Diversity

Switch. Once during some time you were doing one thing, your body adapts to the load and becomes less receptive. Avoid it: once something becomes common to you, immediately change the training program. Mix your days with low intensity days and high intensity. Take new exercises and new training programs. Try all.

8. Put exercise in your schedule

Tune. Mark for training time. It is better to go to the gym for half an hour, than to dream of the many hours of training ten times a day and not go anywhere. Stop telling yourself that exercise is not necessary. It is necessary for your body just as food, water and sex.

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