How to stay mentally tough

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born with a lot of guts, nerves of steel and Herculean endurance. Most, unfortunately, give up and gives up the slack, barely seeing the problem in their own way. Nothing to worry about. Seriously, nothing wrong with a character, because you can educate and strengthen. And to remain firm and not to pay attention to the failures, follow these five rules.

1. Stay focused

Only absolutely focused people can be mentally stable. Pay attention when you know what you want and confidently go to his goal, no mental anguish and no doubt observed. When things are going well, when there is no reason for reflections and anxieties, then the psyche is all very well, but in the moments when you feel that zanoet and asked mom to take, you need to firmly concentrate on your goal and finding a solution to the problem. «Don’t want». Just come and focus.

Try to keep the fire of enthusiasm within yourself. In other words, just focus on the goal. This will help you through even the most difficult times, and they will be Oh as much. Life is so.don’t hate.

2. Fuck the haters!

There are many factors that contribute to «mental toughness». Most of them relate to your style of thinking and environment. Sometimes this environment can affect you negatively. People know often it is not necessary to be the best, they need you to not better themselves. Here’s a flourish, as said Boris. They will drop you on the brain, and discouraged from promising ideas to pull you down and imperceptibly, pushing the cloak called «smart-ass» to put the bandwagon. And after such imperceptible steps, any certainty disappears.

When someone starts unconstructive to criticize your abilities and to question the possibility, it rather tells about his insecurity than about your. Weak people do not feed bread, let them eat the cocktail of your blood and uncertainty. Very ominously? But what if people are like that.

3. Raise the bar for yourself

Only you know the price of his life, and only you know the degree of responsibility for their actions. Accordingly, no one but you can’t take responsibility for their actions. It is not strange, but all adults do. But what if the stimulus do not appear? To do this, raise the bar, increase personal quality standards from 100% to 150%. It is throwing challenges to himself made Marlon Brando an awesome actor and yielded an Oscar for portraying Vito Corleone.

4. Not peregory

As Vince Lombardi, famous American football player (in the sense that and played American football, and he was a native of the United States of America has) said something amazingly wise words. So wise that she does not fit with its brick mug: «Fatigue makes cowards of us all». That makes sense. We are most susceptible to panic attacks when we feel that the power is low. Fortresses and fortifications are easier to take down, then resistance will be negligible – true, familiar since ancient times.

Know what the difference between a workaholic from a normal person? A workaholic sees the target and starts to scream, that is urine, and intelligent man, time will pause, because a candle burning at both ends, just faster. Keep balance, don’t forget a well-deserved rest, otherwise you’ll run out of steam at the second kilometer run called life.

But, it is not only work, it is dangerous to overload yourself. Do not forget about exercise. Exhausting in the gym, wasting precious remnants of vitality, are stupid things. When there is no physical strength is moral. So before you break away from a pit stop on the second lap, think: do you have enough gasoline and mood?

5. Treat everything with humor

All the happy people go through life laughing, referring to the troubles easily and without fear to watch in the open stinking mouth problem. Irony and humor – attributes of Pets on the planet and, among other things, reliable weapon. You be like Jack Sparrow heroically walking into the jaws of the Kraken. Only instead of a huge tentacle-shaped marine reptile, in front of you will appear a small octopus. The power of humor, comrade. From any situation there is a solution, everything has pros. Even in amputation: you finally reduced the weight as wanted, and saved his body from the infection.

But bear in mind that this condition is quite easy to slip into anarchic apathy and pleasant indifference, and it is not good, will have to write an article about how to get you out of this stinking hole.

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