How to stay in shape without training

man chopping wood

That’s behind the may holidays, which are all conducted differently. For example, I went on these so-called vacation to another city, and when I came back home and decided, I was surprised that not gained weight. On holidays as it happens, all celebrating, eating, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends intensively fed — and then the guys sweating in the gym after such a eventful weekend. And on these holidays I walked, biked, played Frisbee, and here’s the result.

My friend went to another city not just because there is her uncle and he is awesome cool dude. He never read men’s Health, drank protein shakes and did not go to the gym — and with all this, he is in much better shape than many of my friends, who are almost half my age that bro.

Sometimes when I go to the gym, I look around and think, «Hmm, this is a strange place». I think that if our ancestors could travel back in time and see how we sweat and strain, running on a treadmill like squirrels in a wheel, lifting and carrying machines, they would think that we are slaves or prisoners, who are forced to do it for any of the experiments against their will. Before the men were in uniform due to the fact that every day engaged in physical labor, walked, something repaired. Admit it, dude, it’s weird that today we have incredible efforts to find at least an hour a day to maintain its body, while the other 23 hours we are almost not moving.

But what can you do. A little ingenuity and creativity — and you can be in better shape if skillfully injects into his schedule physical activity. What makes my uncle’s girlfriend?

Get a dog and walk with her. My uncle girly so hardcore dude that wakes up at five in the morning and walking his dog in an hour. The same thing he’s doing before going to sleep. If you have a dog, it motivates you to go outside several times a day, even despite the bad weather. In the rain old bro wears bags and heavy boots. The walk will be pleasant, because you will have a guaranteed companion. So get a dog and move!

Do things like in the good old days. Modern technology has made our lives so easy and comfortable. They almost freed us from any work that supported the men in uniform in the old days. Sometimes it is better to neglect modern amenities and classic way to stay in shape. My uncle has a cottage, where he is a scythe mows grass, removes snow from the yard the usual hefty palom and chopping wood.

Do volunteer work that will support in a good form, your body and mind. For example, my uncle girly is a very good thing — it’s not even called volunteering. I told you that he had a cottage — and so, that’s where he does good deeds. Giving love old people who can’t afford to buy firewood as often as I would like, and grandparents aren’t the most energetic people, and firewood every day, too, the hack can’t. That’s why our man gathers some fallen trees, chopped them up, and ship it to your truck and delivers advanced member neighbors. Not done?

Active rest — our all. Do not have to workout turned into a private lesson, which you dedicate much time daily. Instead of just sitting at home watching a movie, try to stay active. Several times a week my uncle’s girlfriend with his colleagues playing Frisbee is relaxed and fun. I also had time to play with them and have been compared to these dudes a total loser. Several times I took a break, restored the breath, but these guys are never. What are they, machines? So sports is not as hard as it seems at first glance — just have fun.

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