How to stay healthy in a bad environment


Hello, friend! Thank you that every day give serving a healthy mind and a healthy recklessness. Moved from Peter to the girl in Samara, bought a condo, a car, a plot of land for a house outside the city near the river… Soon we’re getting married! All well and good, but there is a point which can’t stand is a bad environment… to Hell with them, with roads, lumpen on the streets and architecture (then there’s the world Cup in 2018 are going to spend – are you crazy?!), but how to reduce the harm from dirty washed-ecology of cities and local carcinogens of the oil on organisms in the scale of family? It’s all in the air and water and accumulates in the body! Still bothers me the largest Oncology center, no wonder it was built here…

The answer

And Hello to you, dear man. Will now try and charge you a dose of common sense, although many will call you moving from St. Petersburg to Samara crazy (usually happens Vice versa). I love Samara, especially its old part. There is in these old houses running something close to the heart. And girl you are beautiful, so no wonder moved. And «the Zhiguli» at the «Bottom» shamelessly delicious. As I remember, so immediately painful want to drink. And in football don’t worry, not only you are unlucky. Moreover, given the high attendance at the «Wings», your stadium is probably the only one in the region will be empty. If only the adversary team did not collapse.

So do not sin at Samarescu. Not so with her bad. By the way, your hometown emits three times more harmful substances. And in «Black» the top ten regions with the highest percentage of cancer patients is not included. Center, the largest in the Volga region, and not in the country. Although the statistics in the Lower cancer more. But you have some of the best doctors in the country, so if you sanemail can count on their help.

If you want a good environment, go to Chukotka, Koryaksky AO, Sakhalin and Caucasus, especially in Chechnya and Ingushetia. We do not have good relations in all cities. You want purity, go to Zurich. In General, try not to think about it, because if you die at 35, you still have the tractor move, whenever you take care of yourself.

There are only two ways to protect yourself from flesh-eating environment. The first option is to plump. Because I saw a man that 6 years of living with substandard tumor in the stomach. Tortured man’s pain. When he got home he got drunk with grief «white»… and lo! Excruciating pain receded. Since then, the drink gradually. Here’s a cure for all ills, mental and not. Therefore, most alcoholics are not afraid of the flu because the alcohol-saturated body, the infection does not stick. Remember the old fascist folk song, which is all canonical films about the Second world Fritz was playing the harmonica? Yes, «Oh, my dear Augustin», namely the national version, not the one which was lit by Leont’ev. This same Augustine was an ordinary singer and, as usual with rock stars, alcoholic, who lived in the 17th century. One day Augustine came at night from the tavern, as expected, in a state of extreme intoxication. Unfortunately, he fell into the pit where dumped prepared for burial the corpses of the dead citizens from the plague (then raging the next). In the pit Augustine and fell asleep. Waking up and slightly sobered by unpleasant experience, the songwriter began to call for help and to prove to the citizens of their belonging to the world of the living, and sang songs, one of which quail is so sexy Valery.

Well, seriously, it is not our method, because Augustine died from alcohol poisoning at age 35.

In your case the best thing is to lead as healthy a lifestyle, to spend big money on good meat and vegetables, to exercise, to set the house a few steps filtering air and water. Use systems (not only home, but also motor), often go out of town for the outdoors and visit parks. To tell us what beauty in the Volga region. Early in the morning when the traffic will be reduced and harmful toxins settles on the sidewalk, ventilated room (most do not), and breed plants. They filter the air and in return give oxygen. Eat more broccoli and drink green tea and Sencha tea, which according to the tradition of not giving free radicals multiply in the body. And from time to time to do a cleanse using some herbs, mild medicine, capable to remove toxins, poisons, decomposition products, heavy metals and other amenities of life in the industrial megacities.

Well, the point is not to hammer my head of heavy thoughts about what is going on outside the window environmental kaput, and your health irreparable harm. Pure thoughts – pure body, so live and be happy.

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