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Dude, I’m waiting for the holiday as opportunity to lighten up a bit: I now hold myself in nutrition and go to swing, to look cooler. But when the time comes, I certainly, I assure you, will eat in one mug pizza. But I’m still afraid that after the holidays out of shape. So I thought about it and decided I needed to make a few tips on how to keep yourself in shape.

1. Don’t think that everything is possible

Vacation is not a vacation for the body, it just means that you can afford a little more. You’re going to relax and not to gain weight? How not to fall when everything is so appetizing eating? How to deal with it? Pretty simple. If your holidays by the sea or at the resort (and home too) will not last more than a week, two days a week you can afford anything. But show some willpower and don’t eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Active. Drinking sodas and alcohol, eat fatty foods and bread after eight it is not recommend anyway.

If staying more than a week, in five days you get two days of «anything goes.»

2. Fuck social network

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — it all went in a certain direction. do not send: we are not a social network, and we cool. If you want to chat with friends, go to them, if not, slightly in the evening to chat. Not posts photos of her vacation on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks: it is no use to anyone. Forget it. Game online also forget it, but to devote an hour or two of good sex with a beautiful story and the book is easy. Rest head. Strange it helps to relax the body after outdoor activities.

3. Do the same and even more

If on holiday you want a break from the gym, think, whether really you need a gym. Exercise should be fun, and not be aching. You should rejoice that you had time to do more, to relax before school and the rest after them. You can also rent a bike, ride it, and swim from morning till evening.

If you’re at sea, and to go to training is expensive and not for various reasons sail for more than an hour a day. Hour continuous swim will strain your muscles as a good workout of the same duration. And don’t forget to go for a walk, to see the sights. At least once come back to a place where you temporarily live on foot — a great workout for the legs. Can rent a pedal boat, a kayak and a little exercise.

4. Drink as much water as possible

Pure non-carbonated water — your choice. In the heat of Cola and sparkling water to turn to all get along, but drinking water is the passion for good. Drink at least two liters per day. From the heat you will have a constant shortage of water, and it needed to be filled.

5. Drink less alcohol

I already wrote about this above, but thought it makes sense to make it a separate paragraph. Of course, no one expects you not to drink on vacation, showing himself a teetotaler. This hypocrisy. Just not indulge in all serious. When you eat in a cafe, do not abuse the beer as a drink for zapivaniya food, take water, tea, Cola — Yes, in a word, anything. Curb their appetites and try to drink beer every day. Ideally, to consume alcohol after eight sin-sin is sin, but try to do it at least every other day.

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