How to stay fit during dark winter days

I can’t stand the cold winter days to no avail. This time can negatively affect your health, thus destroying your festive mood. No motivation, no desire to do anything. Life becomes an endless eating pizzas, burgers and views of repeats of «Big Bang Theory». Is it bad? Of course not, if it doesn’t occupy all your time. Laziness – sometimes great as a healthy person. But winter is probably the worst time of the year, in order to slow down the pace of life to the level of a snail. How to save the form when it’s apathy, deficiency and energy depletion, when the house is waiting for a good friend, and the download is «ash vs. evil dead»? There are ways not to be a lazy jerk, even these days.

Take sweatpants to work

Sports clothing should always be in your bag. We all know that winter going to the gym very unpleasant. And you, of course, put everything that concerns your physical form, when outside the window the snow and ice, and sosuli and strive to stick in your head. But when you take a shape with yourself excuses to skip a workout, you don’t have. Besides, you save time by not stopping in your warm and cozy house. Advice may be simple, but it really helped.

Eat your soup!

Fruits and vegetables on the shelves has become much smaller, and all this vegetable epic – much more expensive. As a consequence, the lack of vitamins and weakness. For this reason recommends to pay attention to the soups. They should not be creamy and heavy to be delicious. Any easy soup is based on chicken broth, which you can throw beans, peas, spinach, cabbage, etc. Read something about Indian food. These guys know a lot about different spices, and can make even the most delicious vegetarian dull routine. Guarantee, if you pay attention to the soups, you’ll feel like a man.

Video training

If gym did not work, go to YouTube. There’s plenty of good content in the training plan. Of course, it’s not the same as the work with the coach. But when behind a window a Blizzard and minus forty, you do not have to choose. I hope you don’t doubt that exercise, performed with the professional, and exercises, done with paper, have little in common.

At work

Modern men, unfortunately, spend too much time in a sitting position. From this and nerves, and blood vessels will be felt. After all, the workplace should not be so, besides, you have all the opportunities to make it better. First, just have the audacity often to walk around the office or home where you work. Go up the stairs instead of the Elevator. And Yes, the staircase is such a thing, where the steps are not moving up and down. What did you think called the escalator. Get to work healthy and rich in vitamins foods that cook at home. To hell with these vending machines, standing near the entrance.

Sports Threesome

Friends can be a great help in any case. And if you told his dudes to start training together, then you will be much easier to step outside of comfort in order to pomarosa your ass. When your door hammering four healthy forehead that he woke up at 5 am and now require you to go for a run, then deny you’d better not. In General, joint training, perhaps the best motivation in terms of eternal cold and not only.

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