How to stay creative no matter what

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2014_B31scnzDGSru8Regardless of whether you work as an engineer at a metallurgical plant and / or designer in an advertising Agency, your job probably has a place of creativity. In one way or another creative approach is a necessary component of workflow in any industry.

But what if the «not rushing»? The Muse has left you, and you just can’t come up with anything new. We will tell you how to make the inspiration you never left.

1. Write down everything that comes to mind

Write down any detail, the scraps of ideas, images arose in your mind. That are not useful to you now may be useful later; that failed to articulate at once, over time, may transformirovalsya in a more coherent idea, and later in the whole project. Sometimes what seems now to be frankly silly, over time, influenced by other opinions, transformirovalsya in quite a feasible idea. And don’t torture your brain, requiring him immediately all the details is unproductive.

2. Look at things through the eyes of a child

Children’s eyes has nothing to do with the eyes of an adult. Children is alien to pragmatism. In addition, the imagination of a child are not open-minded to the numerous clichés of all kinds. Try to remember yourself as a child — you didn’t care how logical or how true what you’re doing. You just got up and drew the horse with six legs and painted it blue.

In the process of solving creative tasks it is useful to turn off in his head adult and can afford this childlike freedom. Later, when the frame idea is ready, you can ask adults on the compliance of your project to the laws of physics or logic, but at the initial stage clutter adult mind only prevents the free flight of thought.

3. Look for inspiration in everything

Try to get rid of the usual way of looking at things. If you think about it, many of the most banal objects from your environment is not as simple as they seem at first glance. You probably didn’t know exactly how the lawnmower or what is happening inside the TV screen. Try to imagine all these hidden from view processes. Thus you’ll get used to look at things more closely and constantly going to feel a lively interest in the world around.

4. Work for quantity, just quality

It’s okay if out of the ten arose in your head of ideas at the same time you will work on three. Perhaps some of the started subsequently will have to be postponed or all three projects in the process merge into one big project. Most importantly, don’t try to censor the free flight of thought and don’t be too critical of yourself. Muse is very sensitive to criticism.

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