How to stay afloat when it all falls down

In life there are days when you will need all your will not to choke in the flow of negative events and negative circumstances. You must be strong to repulse the enemy, tax authorities, diseases, problems in private life and even of fate itself. But what can one man do when he fought the whole world? Hide in a corner, cry and ask not to beat yourself? We do not think so and, based on the experience of the sages and older generations, we want to talk about how to survive hard times without much damage.

Don’t give up

I noticed that even those people that claim everything is predetermined and that nothing can be done about it, look around before you cross the road.

– Stephen Hawking –the First thing you want to do when almost all life demolished by a nuclear explosion, is to surrender. Do you think that «it had to happen» because you grew up in this family worked in this company and lived with this girl — stars were you and you like to do with it. But even if destiny and fate exist, it does not mean that you should give control of their life flow and emptiness. Many who want to relieve themselves of responsibility for their own mistakes, but when you get away from this responsibility, then personally sign the death sentence for the men that you have, you transform into decorative dog, which is not able to survive in the real world — the rats will eat.

Count on yourself

A little religious quote Stephen king, but he clearly understood. Many are waiting for help from the cosmos, luck, various foundations and even governments. Modern fairies and elves who have to bring bags of gold coins, there may be a real organization sample universities. Graduate thinks that he has graduated with honors, taught him, and then his head will soon fall on the locomotives of vacancies, but this is not happening, because he understands that he will have all to himself, and a piece of paper is not enough. The same thing happens in moments of complete despair: we pray to a higher power to save us from losing faith in themselves. But if you don’t believe in yourself, then why you should help conditional Buddha? You’ve already decided for all.

Don’t be enemy of himself

That’s what I liked now the Gekaton: «You ask what I’ve achieved? Became himself a friend!». He achieved a lot, because now I’ll never be alone. And know this: this man is a friend to all.

– Lucius annaeus Seneca –Alcohol, drugs, gluttony and gambling — an excess of these remarkable things killing you. But man still turns to him when something really bad is happening. He wants to forget, to relax, to get into a fairy world where there is no problem — a pleasure. This is not the way. That way, you only ruin his nervous system, body and soul. And, of course, the time that could be spent on something to get out of the pit where you fell. No, we are not against alcohol and cigarettes, but at critical moments it is better to give them up — too great a temptation to cross the line of what is permitted and to know what dependence, which no one likes.

There is nothing to blame the troubles of the world

Well, you did a terrible thing friend, you got fired and your body found some stuff. It is logical to assume that the blame for all these troubles not only to you but to your surroundings, and maybe even a whole system, the government, the economy, and indeed the whole world. Do you think that in the Viking age and for your life would be more beautiful, and there is only one Kingdom of evil consumerism. But the problem is not in the world — the problem is you. You too often blame others, point out their mistakes and don’t want to see their flaws. In times of decline of bodily and spiritual powers such entertainment is getting out of hand. There is nothing to blame and start looking for reasons — their understanding will lead to an action plan that will help you to cope with difficulties.

Do not wait, and action

Picture this. You’re a fish living in the pond, and the pond dries up. Need to mutate into a amphibian, but someone pestering you and persuades you to stay in the pond, they say, all right.

«And the hippos boiled in their pools», William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac –the Time is right, the solution lies on the surface, but you don’t do it because they are «smart people» who tell you not to rush, you could lose everything; appreciate what you have! But the world works according to other laws. If you want to lose, then the best thing you can do is to act. Inaction makes you as food for other predatory inhabitants of the country. And the action, on the contrary, makes the world the object with which to interact. That is, if you want to fix the deplorable reality, you need to act and act strongly. You cannot stand in one place and think that everything will cost — nothing cost.

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