How to start your business with the minimum of means

start-upThere are in the world are adventurers who have managed to start a business from scratch and with almost empty pockets. Yes, it’s risky. Yes, it’s scary. But sometimes I just want to prove to yourself that you’re capable of it. Everyone knows this truth: it is better to work for yourself than for other people. And motivation more and everything works fine, and you’re paying himself much more generous. And here you decided to open your own business — congratulations, dude! Before you start begging parents and friends to loan you the money to run to the Bank for a loan or to Rob him, let’s see, what if the desire to work there, and money is not enough.

Logos and branding: skip

Perhaps the greatest difficulty of all newly-minted and aimed to target the business people meet when they have to fulfill all these business conventions: the formation of a corporate style, selection of the title company, the choice of logo, office rent, insurance, etc. as a result, they spend almost all his dearest seed capital for the creation of images, similar to the business. Offspring is not viable because too much time is spent on all these preliminary unimportant things. You want you got it evil, strong, agile, predatory bear or a stuffed bear, apathetically stands near the fireplace?

If your budget is limited, do yourself a favor: take care of business, and not some kind of taxidermy, through which you create only visibility of a business. Of course, this is all very important: the logo and company name, and the room can not be underestimated. But if not enough money — in the first stage missed. Then come back and finish it. In the end, from the company without a logo is more useful than no company logo.

The same applies to the rental office, the design of business cards and letterheads. Hundreds of newly-minted entrepreneurs gave the money to pack my case this whole peculiar business, husks, and as a result remained with what.

Do you want to rent an office, to make it easier to explain to family and friends what you do? They better explain everything for you your profit. If you can do the same thing without removing office, then why not save money? Leave all prejudices about how should look the business: the main thing that the machine to work, so you get the money, but the gloss will bring later.

Accountants can spend weeks to beat, so they converged the report; graphic designers — weeks to develop a logo; programmers weeks to write the website, etc. Just stop. First, focus on what’s important: get profit and try to establish the mechanism. Then the logo and website and everything.

Carefully choose a niche

If you expect to see lapping in all directions optimism and cheerful carpet, to hear it from the «you all», this better go somewhere else. There are several different niches in which to stay without huge starting capital, however, this means that you will have to stretch your ass and look for such niches.

Any types of businesses that require substantial investment, you don’t fit. If you need a factory, expensive equipment, labor force, you better sit at the Desk and think again. Generiraj idea better. What is good in our time — you need a minimum of money to start their own business. In the courtyard, glory to eggs, 2013, and you can now make money just by using the group Vkontakte. The main thing — to come up with the concept and successfully implement it.

Even fifteen years ago, if you had no money for office rent, if you don’t have enough money on advertising if you were not happy, you can easily burn. To start a business in our days is much less risky because for that you just sit on your ass, create a website or blog to communicate with potential customers and start to provide services or sell things to people in your city, country or around the world. And that brings us to the next key point: you have a lot of hard work.

No money? Work!

You can start a business, and, moreover, quite successful, not with millions. You can start a successful business without being superpartner worker. You can be successful with neither one nor the other. On one condition: if you have countless skills and own them perfectly; if you’re a genius. Well, you know. If you’re not a genius, you need either money or a lot of work. If you’re not a genius and not rich, it is one way to work. So, if you’re still in doubt, you’re not a genius, I’ll tell you: no, dude.

The result will have to wait. Once you don’t get rich and won’t even return your indefinitely meager capital. You have to develop a client base, to learn, to do things that you never did. You will not be easy, but if you’re really smart and able to work, everything will be alright. Couch potatoes who want to work eight hours a day and then come home and lie in front of the TV, the porridge will not weld. Don’t be legibly, man.

Practical advice: how to be on my feet

If you have a little money and you sure found the right niche and able to work hard on your business, then you could use some practical advice on promoting your business.

Double AP. This is a very risky management strategy, but it is effective for startups. Double up means that if you’re already working on (well, you know, for someone else), keep working there and at the same time move in the direction of their own business. Yes, you will have to sacrifice time with family, vacation, personal time and even personal hygiene, but time is money. What is the advantage of this strategy? You are guaranteed to stay the money from your current job while you develop your business. It’s such a reasonable risk that if you lose, it is only half the job.

Partner-up. If you have a valuable idea and no money, the perfect partner for you — someone who has money and interest in this business. How to find such a person? If your idea concerns the area in which you work now, you must have in mind some people, contacts, connections. This would be an ideal option: they understand business, they have money and they can evaluate you on the dignity. If in the field you have no contacts, look for a rich relative, needsthose one, talk to some local investment club or other business: they may be interested in your offer.

Charge chrome up. Successful entrepreneurs at the dawn of its activities, too, took money. Where? Loan, venture capital, loans. According to statistics, 60.8 per cent of businessmen took the credit for the development of the business. Note I said credit a good idea? Most people would answer unequivocally, «No.» However life is such that a huge number of successful companies borrowed money to ensure their own growth. If your business model is smart and you understand the area, you could think about the loan. A chance to get out large.


If you expect the stars themselves will fall into your hands, you will finally win the lottery or someone behind you decides your fate, it is likely that in 25 years you’ll be in the same place where and now. There are always thousands of reasons that can hold you back from implementing your goal. Don’t let lack of money be one of them.

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