How to start the car?

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Imagine the story: you walk down the street and see a pretty girl that desperately looks at the open hood of the car. You will go and ask what happened. It appears that the battery died, and she is late for a lecture. It will ask you if you can to help her, and you see the shame down to earth and offer to call the appropriate service.

You have no idea how to start the car to help, thus the girl?

I believe that every man should know how to deal with the discharged battery. You’re never quite sure can know in what situation you is not something that tomorrow, and even a couple of hours. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to have a car with a dead battery, but many people have no idea how to do it. Even if in fact you know how to act in such a situation, not the fact that you fail to have a car.

In order to help you to avoid embarrassment in such situations, I wrote this article.

How to understand that the battery is dead?

Before attempting to repair the vehicle, determine that the battery is actually the reason why the car will not start. If when you turn the ignition you hear the engine start — the problem is not the battery. But if when you turn the key the car absolutely no signs of life does not submit, it means the battery is low can be one of the reasons.

How to start the car the traditional method

If you have a normal car with a manual transmission, you can start your car without the use of foreign objects. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Find a stretch of road with descent.

2. Just before the end of the clutch pedal and switch to first speed.

3. Turn the ignition key.

4. Let go of the brake and start to slide down the hill while holding the clutch down.

5. Wait until the vehicle has accelerated to a speed of 5-7 km/h.

6. Quickly release the clutch pedal. You should feel the engine starts to work. If this does not happen, click again on the clutch and let go again.

If there is no next slides, you will have to ask for help. It is necessary that the car is pushed back and start to act with 5 points.

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