How to start and maintain a real friendship

how to find friends

We are all faced with this problem: the older you get, the harder it is for you to make friends. It plays the role of many factors: with age, it is difficult to trust people, open up to new acquaintances, and social circle, as a rule, is quite certain. So find some friends, and then not to lose them, is no easy task and we will give you a few tips on how to do it.

Where to find new friends

At work. With the guys from work do you spend more time than his family. And there probably are people with whom you easily communicate. Instead of just placing them in the category of «colleagues» and turn them into your friends. Go for a drink after work. Invite them to his place to watch football. If you’re married — it’s convenient, invite them for a family dinner — also with wives.

Meet with neighbors. Today, few people know their neighbors. And previously? Everyone knew their neighbors in the stairwell, top and bottom; we went to each other to borrow tools or any products when they inappropriately ended; leave the keys to the apartment, so the neighbors fed and watered Kotaku ficus, when you’re away. It? But your potential bro can live right next door! Oh, don’t worry! And the guests can call.

To a hobby. Why is making friends so hard? Because our lives are very closed. Here we have talked about the option to make friends at work and in the neighborhood — these areas of life somehow are in touch with their daily Affairs. If the scope of these cases to expand, they get new people. For example, the same sport, about which we guys are not tired to you to repeat. The gym — meeting new people, turnichki — new people to join any team game at the nearby stadium — new people. And plenty of opportunities! And you can also walk the dog: in the morning I often see from the window of the party of the lovers — at first they also were not familiar with each other. So go for it!

how to find friends

How to maintain a friendship

When you’re with someone friends or friends with their bro for some time, you should try to maintain this friendship. It may seem ridiculous, but otherwise, your relationship may go into oblivion: it’s like in good physical shape, which is easy to lose if not regularly engaged. The best way to keep friendships is to stay in touch, and we will throw you a few ideas on how to do it.

Make a common goal. The best way to bond is to work on something common, to pursue a common goal. For example, decide to do something together: to run a marathon, quit Smoking or lose weight. It is good from all sides: you can’t lie to each other, will support each other, which means that you will have less chance of this purpose is not achieved. For example, if you decided to lose weight, or agree together to exercise, or to call and tell each other on their week results. Even if you live in different cities, you will still liaise with each other and help each other become better.

Think of the competition. Competition — a double-edged sword. It can come between people and friends — on the contrary, to unite. Think that some interesting competition, lost let to do something a little embarrassing and funny for everyone else — it would be interesting and nice if you get together. This can be a competition beard-growing or something more serious, like not drinking for two months. The competition requires regular meetings and inspection of Affairs — and you will always have something to discuss.

Feel free to go on vacation. Sometimes you need to relax and not only work, but also from their familiar environment. To do this, just set up a trip with friends where you want it. We do not encourage you to spend your entire vacation stay with dudes — but the weekend coming to do this optimally. Escape to nature. No need to reinvent the wheel: barbecue, fishing, just camping and Hiking are great options. Make this holiday an annual tradition.

vacation with friends

Mingle. This is the byword: dude go out clubbing for the night, while their friends turn green with anger. And for this reason many men refuse such a wonderful tradition. Don’t think! Of course, do not forget about your friend, ignore it and do it out of spite, but we should not forget about their dudes. Sometimes we have to rest from each other — let them invite their friends while you have fun with your friends. This will only strengthen your relationship. Another good option is to play with friends in the cards. Very cool, I guarantee it.

To communicate with the guys in another city

how to communicate with one

To maintain any relationship, including friendship, need to communicate. You yourself imagine that writing letters to women, like to talk on the phone. And wrote emails too, not very interesting. But no one cancels Skype and quip — it’s just nice. Well, to write letters, too, such as well, they are not harder to answer than ordinary soap — but just imagine what a hassle!

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