How to start a role play with a friend

Many of us want to try role playing in bed, but few know where to start. Once there are hundreds of questions! How to use imagination? What suit to buy? Or girl to judge me if I asked her to dress like a schoolgirl? If you’re a neophyte on the road of role-playing games, then this text will be useful to you.

You should talk to her

The Golden rule of weird sex obgovarivaya details in advance. You can’t jump on his girlfriend, wearing a ski mask, but without telling her.

If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t understand what exactly to do. Of course, you could masturbate to your imagination for a long time. But here the situation is different. So you need to plan a quiet evening, cook a nice bottle of wine and take a friend to talk to her. So, not to have sex and talk about sex. Tell us about your fantasies and be sure to get to know her. Don’t be afraid to ask strange questions — the wine will help you relax.

Role-playing games do not require expensive props

Many people from role-playing games contains a false statement «role-playing game is expensive». That is, you’ll have to buy a bunch of stuff before you climb into bed with her friend: leather corset, tight whip and chain. But the most important sexual organ is your brain. Its something you need to use to create a role-playing situation. The most important thing in role-playing game is your imagination. We advise you initially not to buy anything «professional equipment». If you can’t have fun without it, and in full uniform too, nothing happens.

Don’t let potential disadvantages to confuse you

This is a game, and feel stupid while playing normally. Okay to have fun and OK to laugh at such moments. Role-playing should not be very serious from beginning to end.

If you’re afraid of your stupid kind, you instantly feel the unpleasant sensation of anxiety. Anxiety sex never helps — ‘ll finish too quick or even sluggish you are, and the process does not even start. The hardest part in any role-playing game is to let yourself be free. We are too busy, work, and everyday life. We forget how to dream.

The older we get, the more lazy do your imagination, quickly turning to normal sex, which is able to meet physically, but not spiritually.

So, sex is more spiritual path, what do you think? It is not only a physical need. So role-playing is necessary in the modern world — it helps to distract from reality and give rise to sincere fun.

If your weird fantasies — this is normal

In our society it is accepted to be ashamed of their fantasies. We are afraid that we klassificeret like crazy if we think about what you don’t think «normal people».

If your fantasy is really «on the verge», then role-playing can be a great way of exploring your subconscious. They are able to reveal important issues in your personality, all through the sexual experience — it’s the dream of anyone who is experiencing any psychological difficulties. Your friend will not condemn you if you want to dress up as a clown, a thief, a priest, a frog Pepe. At the girlfriend too have fantasies, and they can be more perverted you are. Most of the fantasies remain fantasies because of its taboo, but they are role — playing games- they help me a lot.

Think of a safe word

Stop words have become popular among the BDSM community. Masochists quickly realized that if they are not, then to return home they are always with a bloody ass. In General, this word is necessary, otherwise the imagination can go beyond what is permitted. And the word should be as unique so that it is interpreted correctly. For example, the word «stop» is not suitable, because it can be understood as part of the role play. Take something strange, something different from everyday speech.

Discuss the experience

Role play can be radically different from what has been happening in conventional sex. Sometimes they can be scary. In some role-playing scenes, the desire to experience fear and vulnerability is what is generally conceived all game. Therefore, the effect of a role-playing game is not just about orgasms, ejaculation and psychological explosion. Let the girlfriend and myself to relax, and then discuss with her all the nuances of the experience. The first role-playing game will be insecure, stupid and simple, but it will be fun and enjoyable. The following games will only improve, sex will be more varied, and your friend will be strengthened. So there is nothing to fear — go ahead and enjoy the process!

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