How to start a business after failure

manygoodtips.com_6.11.2014_1uTsD0vPKENfsThe world is full of stories about those who have reached the heights of one day falling from that height. Disney, Spielberg, Stephen king – you may remember we wrote about these guys recently, placing them as an example to all desperate and lowered his hands in moments of mental confusion. But screw the theory, their mind-boggling stories we are known around the world. And what to do in the here and now, on the edge of the abyss, where the risk to fly your dreams? Let’s think together.


Assess the situation, trying to avoid unnecessary emotions. What’s done is done. And the sooner you gets this banal truth in the spirit of the Cap in the subcortex of the brain, the better for you. You need to understand why the plan and the whole plan failed. Make a record of what went well and what you did wrong. Think about what you can do differently next time, if again faced with a similar situation, or who can help you to cope better and solve that problem. Thorough work on the mistakes is the key to the locked doors from your past mistakes, you can not to repeat them again. Now your new Foundation is the experience and knowledge gained in the past, use them to build your business Empire, even the second time.


Separate your identity from the business. One of the main traits of an entrepreneur is the flexibility. By undertaking such a risky enterprise, perhaps you thought that business can result and in a similar way. So there’s no time to dwell and cool off in this warm liquid of pity or self-loathing. It is necessary to adequately take a punch and recover quickly from such mistakes in the business. Even if you went bankrupt and lost a lot, this list should not be the self-confidence. Bad start puts you on the cross as the entrepreneur.


Rate your attitude and mood about the future prospects. To succeed, you need not only a new plan and even a certain amount of dough. Dude, you need to find your balls and show determination and positive attitude a definite. All successful businessmen from around the world, in addition to fabulous wealth, combines optimism. Even if your buttocks are clenched with fear, there must remain a gap for a glimmer of hope. First, find a product or service that you would be passionate about and that will occupy the corresponding niche in the market. What can you offer? How to stand out from many similar projects? Start developing your new business plan. Find the time to do market research and to design their business idea on the General state of Affairs.


Ask yourself one overriding question: «Why?» Why does this business exist? If you have a full understanding of why you’re doing this, you’ll have a powerful force called «motivation». It is a catalyst that can move the business off the ground and to find the most competitive uniqueness.


There are no perfect people. But in your power to put together the perfect team. Create your dream team. Get people not only have rich experience in a particular field, but also persons of different ages, interests, way of thinking, temperament. A similar set of features will allow staff to more effectively complement each other.

Make time for a thorough search and select the right people to fill each position on your team.


Set clear short-term goals. Until you think a hundred steps ahead. Was the time frame to achieve each plan, and fix the result. This is a road map for your business.


And last, even if you send these tips to the furnace, still don’t give up, keep trying again and again. In the end, the payoff for the hard work you will reach, the main thing is not to give up.

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