How to stand out from rivals

One may entertain thoughts of equality and fraternity, but the reality is not going to your entreaties, she will always tell you the truth: no one is equal. Everyone has their own position in society. There is always someone above or below. Each person has a certain amount of resources, some background. It is foolish to say that they were born with equal opportunities, and all have equal rights. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to fight for their place under the sun.

Slaves become kings, and kings — slaves. There is a cycle in nature that works on the principles of competition. But to join this fight to get a good job, a gorgeous woman and the right to a happy life, you need to have knowledge of how to stand out among their rivals, even in the case when the opponents are much stronger than you. About the basics of this knowledge we will cover in this guide.

Learn to speak


It all starts with words. The way you say characterizes your personality. If you stammer, swallow some sounds and say something vague and unclear, and the relationship with other you will have a vague and unclear. You don’t have to be a great orator to break out in people, but you at least need to speak clearly. It is important that any your remark was understood by the interlocutor.

And here I must make a clarification. Manner of speaking, style of conversation is the key to the mind of another person. If you picked the correct key, you will be able to make a good impression. If you didn’t, then he treats you with distrust. In other words, you have to understand that with the aesthete and intellectual, you have to speak the same language, and with a man from the furniture shop at the other. But in any case, it works best simple, concise and clear manner of speaking — without any extra sounds and prudish words.

Learn to move

Body language, perhaps, has the same meaning as ordinary language. And here are those rules: you don’t have to be a statue, but and winding worm, too, need to be. If you love to connect to talk together and to show them something, then pay attention to how you do it. If the movements do not coincide with the speech, it is better to forget her or to ease it. People often move my arms out of place, why it creates dissonance perception. Words you say one thing, but the hands say another, and one begins to suspect something.

Be sure to pay attention to all that relates to facial expressions — it is difficult to control when you’re nervous, but full control you need. If you pull the mouth constantly blink or scratch their arm hair when talking to another person, then you will consider at least strange. The strangeness of ordinary geniuses, but if you’re not Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci, then you shouldn’t be weird — you have to radiate complete confidence and in this case you will succeed.

Style important


Visual image seriously affects the achievement of success in any field. Everybody knew it, but somehow if among your friends you will find a guy who is interested in the fashion industry, then you have on his account will arise a strong suspicion.

Imagine, but fashion interested not only gays, but those who want to look better than Petrovic, who lives in a cardboard box near a landfill. But it is appropriate to make a clarifying passages. For example, you do not need to know the trends of high fashion — leave it to the designers who regularly take a variety of psychedelics.

But you should understand where to move men’s fashion, and its conservative wing. So you need to know your current business clothes, casual and, with some reservations, sports. You also need to understand the combination of colors, shapes and different parts of clothing. Such knowledge is useful because they can help to save money. For example, if you have a jacket that fits all your pants, then it’s much better than when you have a jacket that fits only to one pants.

Fulfill promises

As the fulfillment of the promises to affect your competitive advantage? At first glance — no way. But we didn’t included this item in our leadership.

So, what is society? Society, by and large, is the relationship between individuals. In society there is a place of competition and cooperation. The last is most important when it comes to big projects or abrupt climbs the career ladder.

For example, if you work one, you can 60 years to get promoted, but if you work together with the team and to enlist the support of higher status, then you will be much easier to achieve.This works in all spheres of life. But it is impossible to enlist the support of if your person does not have confidence in, and the powerful of this world have confidence in only some people — those who keep their word. If you keep your promises, then you can rely on, you can be trusted with something big. If you don’t keep their promises, then you put on the curb relationships, as career and love.

Be hardy

Endurance — the quality is paramount. And if you get tired after 8 hours of work, you can not stand out against other people. For success is not enough to work 8 hours. You need to do more and better than others. You need to create a support system which will place regular exercise and quality leisure activities, which does not take away your power (like alcohol), but rather, gives you new possibilities for your implementation (like creativity, for example).

Understand that it is very difficult to accept the fact that you need to work more than you have to. It is always easier to sit quietly in their workday and go home, but in this case there is no reason to be surprised that you will get laid in the next month, or worse, will remain at one workplace for the next forty years.

Don’t let your emotions control you

Emotions help us feel the world. If a person lacks any emotions, then most likely he is a psychopath who can’t distinguish good from evil. These people are and they end up very bad.

On the other hand, the excess of emotion did not make anyone good. They should be kept under control in order to open them to the world at the moment when it really matters — during an intimate conversation with a favorite friend, for example. But they should never show when it comes to any confrontation in career you have to be cold as ice. No one needs to see your weaknesses, because you can be sure that they will use.

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