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As the old Dr. house, everybody lies. And it does not argue. All men lie. Good doing it to protect other people and try not to hurt with his lies and the bad… well, bad at all lying, they like it. And don’t forget that in the world there is good and bad people like in some sort of «Game of thrones».

Knowledge about how to detect lies, though not the most needed in the economy, but it sure never will be. It is worth noting, man that some people lie a hell of a virtuoso, you might say, professionally. In the case of such our advice will not help. It is also worth noting that some people are shy by nature and always try to separate yourself from other people — never forget that, when you try to prove yourself a human polygraph.

Look at the limb movements of the speaker

1.Unprofessional, deceitful man not watching what his hands are doing. And they act like you live their own lives — their movements are chaotic and do not relate to what the person is saying. Feet of a liar, too, live your own life, it can restlessly tapping them on the floor.

2. Very closed and detached posture, too, gives reason to consider the interlocutor to be a liar — and deservedly so. The legs of the guy are impacted or opposite leg curled over his leg, which until then you didn’t watch him. Arms crossed on the chest or folded in front of him on the table, like in school.

3. Man avoids eye contact, which, however, does not prevent many bro to lie to you right in the face.

4. Dude is constantly trying to touch your face and mouth, twitches his ear lobe, touch the clock and pulls at the strap, trying to do something with their hands. Though this may be an indication that talking to you is unpleasant or boring.

And now look at the face dude

1. The emotions of the liar strange, unnatural. If you need to smile, this smile if the man was surprised, the surprise is too long, and when he ceases to wonder print wonder on it yet.

2. Pauses between words and emotions. A simple example. You gave the girl a gift. If she liked it, he says: «I like!» and smiles with these words. And will continue to smile for some time after receiving the gift. If a gift does not like it, but it will give you to lie, not to offend, she will say «I like» and then smile. Long pause between emotions and words — the first sign of a lie.

3. Gestures, emotions, and actions often do not match the words. For example, when a girl says «I like You» — and frowns, or pucker the lips.

4. All the emotions of a liar are expressed only through the lip. When he smiles, but his lips formed in a smile. Cheeks, eyes and forehead did not participate in the manifestation of emotions., 24.06.2013, ZHwjAgDNksZam0ZFAgnrbTCcNCvEJgR3

Interaction with objects and the reaction to your words

1. A liar will always defend. Innocent often begin to actively attack, because they genuinely blown away charges. Or cleverly disguised.

2. The liar is always uncomfortable as a snake in a skillet. So he tries to rush you to return to your side and look in your direction.

3. A liar tries to create a barrier between themselves and their interlocutor. He instinctively tries to move to the other party any object, use it like the net in volleyball, not to answer questions.

The verbal part

1. Whenever you ask the liar, he uses the word answer for this question. For example: «did You eat that cookie?». Response normal guy:»No, not ate.» The answer of the liar: «No, I didn’t eat this cookie». Although I think this answer is more like the practicing of English language skills. I always answer simply «No».

2. The true answer is always shorter. If bro will reply «I didn’t do it» instead of «I did what you say you did,» he is not a liar.

3. A liar never denies anything openly. He’s trying to say half-truths or get you that «You just got it wrong».

4. A liar gives a much more unnecessary explanations in order to convince myself and you, instead of answering the question on the merits.

5. The lack of clarity, convoluted sentences, a strange and unnatural expression.

6. A liar always wants to change the subject, if he succeeds, all the above features are lost, and she behaves naturally.

7. A liar tries to answer with inappropriate in this case, humor or sarcasm. It is not the topic.

In conclusion, we note that it is not necessary, read our tips or watch «Lie to me», be sure that you blatantly lie and build you a fine psychologist. These symptoms can manifest themselves only in unskilled people, engine liars usually lie professionally, in my eyes, without words. And their emotions are no different from real emotions.

But if almost all the signs on the face, that dude is lying!

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