How to spend less, be better and not become a rogue


It is no secret that marketing wants to deceive you and suck you into the latest krovnozarabotannye money. He does it, by the way, quite skillfully, if so. If you went to the store just for a pack of salt and a loaf of bread and came out with a whole basket of products, you should know that these things you bought, not because I remembered but because the marketing worked. To look in the eyes of society a terrific guy, and in their eyes not to become a rogue, read this article. Using these tips you’ll look cooler, will save a lot of money and becomes the favorite of women. About the last that I was joking, but still they are worth it.

1. Don’t forget drains and discounts

If you at least once contemptuously wrinkled to the side drains of the second-hand store or discount center, you dimwit. Or drains — complete shit. Don’t justify yourself to those that don’t want to wear the clothes after someone, so as not to catch sores: one washing and Ironing of the products from the wrong side, and it will save you from bed bugs, herpes and other infections. But the economy is obvious, man. If in a regular store you will buy the thing the same company at a price of, say, 2000 rubles, in the drain you can do this thing… 75 rubles. By weight. There are many decent drains that sell the products of famous brands. Levi’s jeans can be bought for a few hundred rubles instead of several hundred dollars. They will look the same quality.

If you disdain to wear the clothes after someone, go to a discount center, where supply remains unsold clothes from the collections. Dig in and find the appropriate clothes at a price two to three times cheaper.

Do not forget about groups, online flea markets where people sell things they no longer need. You can sell things you don’t like and buy something that was junk to someone else.

2. Don’t skimp on some things

Someone who is well-dressed in the effluent, can be clearly seen. I’m absolutely serious. There are things that get old very quickly and which is easy to tell how old they are and in what conditions they were stored. Most often it is leather shoes, outerwear and other goods. The clothes skimp not see the point, because it’ll add Shine. Potratila expensive briefcase, a bag, a jacket or blazer, and you’ll look like a proper member of society, who knows what you can save, and what — not.

3. Don’t skimp on food

It is in any case does not mean that you have to buy expensive cheeses, ostrich eggs and clippings of young sheep. Try not to buy Frank shit. Cheap tea, coffee, suspiciously cheap, a dozen eggs is not something on which it makes sense to save. If you have a choice between ugly carrots for 12 rubles and beautiful washed carrots for 20 rubles, you choose the latter, you will save time and enjoy the taste of carrots washed smooth without any traces of pests and rot. By the way, this carrot is much worse than normal. It is possible to buy the normal cereals, pasta and meat — and- take. Don’t be shy to buy in large hypermarkets cheap products of their brands: there are also some very delicious preserves, pickles and other products.

Don’t buy the food that you do not need nafig. If you really want to buy this strange cheese with nuts, salmon and mildew, think two hundred times, you will eat and what will happen if he will be on the fan? Then it would be a shame to throw away a piece of cheese for 200 rubles in the trash. However, this tip works on all items on this list. Want to buy something — think about what you gonna do with it and whether it is necessary to you.

4. «The principle of latte», cooking, visiting cafe

There is such an interesting thing as the «principle of latte». It lies in the fact that a hypothetical girl in a hypothetical salary of 25 thousand buys for each day latte for 140 rubles. She thinks she can afford it, but at the end of the month accumulates a staggering amount of money could be spent on something else. So, dude, give up the purchase of coffee to go. At least within a month, instead take the tea and drink it at work, adding hot water from the cooler.

Learn how to cook. Eat one instant noodles are actually not only harmful but also expensive. One pot of soup or stew, stretched for a few days, it will be a much better solution.

When you visit a cafe, do not chase the prestige of a franchise or establishment. There are a lot of different franchises, where the food is at reasonable prices for good money. That’s close to my place of work has a wonderful dining room where you can eat with first, second, salad, dessert and juice for 150 rubles. And it will be very tasty, but would have to stand in line (but if you know the time come when no queue at all), but some of my friends from other floors to run to the Mall nearby where full in the amount of more harmful and with fewer dishes. The prestige of the place, the unwillingness to change their habits — there are many reasons.

Another example: in my town there are two large competing chain of bakeries. In the first reputation of the elite coffee house, which makes luxury bread and cakes, the second never positioned, but her prices are way cheaper, the staff friendlier, and the food is delicious. People are after prestige, so go to the first firm. They lose the ability to experience cool cakes and other treats in the school cheaper. People — Fuckers, what can you do, but even knowing that there are better choices, they will not go there in the first case they get a modicum of caste aesthetes, and the delicious Namco.

5. Internet

If you’re moving from one place to another along with a mobile modem, think about how much money you could save. If the owners of your apartment don’t mind spending wired Internet access, feel free take. In General, it is 2-3 times cheaper. Put the mobile modem on the shelf, I own, for example, sold.

6. Watch out for exhibitions, theatre productions and places of distribution of freebies

In light of the missing free nights and free entertainment. For example, I over time went to the open dress rehearsals of some of the views that are held on a free basis. Some of the music evenings held in coffee shops, do not need money for entrance, except the order. Order a Cup of tea and watch all night for a performance of some virgin. Sarandi informants Vkontakte and receive invitations to various parties, flashmobs and more.

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