How to speed up his orgasm

Not a single philosopher broke his head thinking about how to make happy his woman, since the standard way does not work. How to bring a woman to the coveted orgasm? Actually a lot of options. Most importantly, choose your. But before you choose any for you, remember the advice of the great Dzhigurda. As the God of Love: «the Orgasm is only available when a male Mace regardless of the size of with love comes in the sacred womb of love. Then all we raise to heaven and become Gods of love!»

1. Affection

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_FCjy7KpiBMruhThe fastest way to a quick orgasm is to excite and irritate its pious before the start of the «active actions». Get some blood in sensitive places. The clitoris will thank you. No need to bite his teeth, gentle enough touch. Pissed her off, girls like it when they tease.

Many people consider cunnilingus a senseless rip-off. Moreover, as we say, «from prison to Sumy do not promise», and in the area lovers orally satisfy not very respected. But if you tell anyone about this you tell. Oral sex pleasing not only men but also women. And if you really want to make my better half fireworks of pleasure, then steel himself and go to a favorite maidanezu. If not, below are plenty of other ways.

Ladies – create a contraption, they will enjoy pleasant sensations as long as you want. The better, it will bring the onset of orgasm. In General, pay attention to her body, sensitive areas, and various points. Especially if you, brother, quick. More blood flow – more joy. Everyone decides to wash the bloody threads. It does not take much time.

2. Tales of oil

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_8qM74CIAk8KunI found a interesting feature. The word «lube» means «engine oil» and oil. Yes, you probably already got the hint. Woman, as the car will start and will work better with effective lubrication.

Almost 50 percent of women who use lubricant say it speeds up orgasm. What do you want – the law of mechanics: friction without lubrication increases the wear of the unit.

3. Caress 2

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_MjxJIlOIpq9lnWe have already mentioned that the ladies love it when you pay attention to her treasured genitals. It is not only pleasant but also useful, and here’s why. You probably know that human flesh and female flesh including penetrate the nerve endings. Often, sensations who perceive the lips, nipples, neck or lower back, respond to the reproductive organs. All this heat and tingling, are the perfect guide to the magical realm of orgasm.

Find out which zone your Madam most sensitive and, perhaps, kissing your neck, you will bring it to the blissful feelings faster than picking device in its interior, and instead the simulation will get a real explosion at Krakatoa.

4. Massage the hand and press the lower part of the abdomen, right at the pubic bone or above. Do not try like a sail. Softer, more tender, do massage this area, stroking up, down and around.

You are asking for something to stroke her belly? Believe me, it is very useful. First, it reduces the smooth muscle of the uterus, which can help her to reach orgasm (uterine orgasm – one of the four types of genital orgasms that women can have, but they are rare, because the normal sexual penetration is not always stimulates the uterus). Second, women have a giant internal clitoris. Erectile tissue that makes up the clitoris actually goes inside the vagina and envelops everything that is possible.

When you’re massaging that part of her body, activating nerves in such a way that regular sex or Masturbation are not even close. Again, don’t you dig up a lady, she will be unpleasant. Here they are complicated, women.

By the way, is to say that any massage will give your mistress an unprecedented pleasure. Tender, responsive, exciting. At the same time and your hands will stretch. Women have each third area is particularly sensitive. So there is nothing surprising if it is, sorry, will finish before the start of the act. Don’t worry, it happens.

5. Australian tricks

manygoodtips.com_20.04.2015_tfNl2KNs93mIJIn Australia there is something called strange and incomprehensible word Tefina. This thing even compare with female viagra. In fact, it is a nasal spray that is supposed, helps to dilate genital blood vessels. 60% of Australians said that without that tricky «teeny» now do not think of my life. Some of them had serious problems with orgasm. So what was the letter and wait for a parcel from Australia, if really unbearable.

6. The smell know, because women have very sharp reaction to odors. Men have no such. So the smell of sweat can confuse your partner. Yes, and you like it when women smell like herring and onions? No. So remember: hygiene is the guarantee of love. Certain smells of essential oils not only stimulate the female libido, but the approach of orgasm. So don’t be afraid to use oils of vanilla and cloves and see how sweet writhes in convulsions heavenly your woman. Yes, here is an unusual female the pituitary gland.

By the way, if your friend really like your new Cologne, you can safely splash a few drops before going litacaron process. All is justified.

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