How to speak in public

manygoodtips.com_19.10.2016_VEMVNs4hjeQFQWise of the Kazakh proverb says: «Words are made of words; if you do not speak, where they can be born». With the fear of speech we encounter in kindergarten, when we are asked to read the poem in front of Santa Claus. God forbid, if the combination of three factors — smart parents, sober frost and good companions nearby will help to read the «Tree» without hesitation and nerves.But it often happens that everything goes to hell, and before Mature age, we understand that you can’t quite string a sentence together when it comes to the presentation of a new project at work or acquainted with a girl at the bar. That is so beautifully looked on the Internet when communicating, it turns into a meaningless grunt in a live dialogue, and public speaking cause stress that threatens to turn into panic. In the West this problem has long been to solve a variety of techniques and filmed this movie.

But the Russian mentality are not used to «wash dirty linen in public» we are trying to solve their problems, but when it comes about such fundamental things as diction, speech and nonverbal gestures — you must admit that can’t do it alone is very difficult. Therefore, sweating and ashamed of their stupidity, we consulted with experts and found out that we must not be afraid of appearances, and that is simply nothing to say. The ancient Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, «It needs to flow and grow from knowledge of the subject. If he has not studied it, all eloquence is vain, childish effort.»

«I drink and I know things…». Tyrion Lannister

manygoodtips.com_19.10.2016_8R6HuUnA6vcovThe famous hero of «Game of Thrones» had the knight’s growth and an attractive appearance, but managed to affect the course of events in Westeros as anyone else. What is its advantage? Why listen to him? Because his speech is expressive, logical and consistent, and most importantly — he knows what he says. You can learn as many words or write them on paper, but if you do not understand the essence of the subject, the first question from the audience will put you into a dead end. We, of course, Europe will not open with this remark, but reading really helps a lot of intelligible speech. If you can’t say something in front of an audience, the reason may lie in the fact that to say something and nothing.

By the way, this means not cramming material, and a conscious understanding of the topic. In the film «Captain fantastic» the father asks the little son to talk about the «bill of rights». He immediately begins to read memorized text, but the father quickly corrects him and demands to explain the contents of the document not just their words — it was necessary to show that he knows what impact has the American set of fundamental laws on US citizens, and how it relates to this. Five year old boy coped with the task not stumbled — to draw conclusions.

However, often the problem lies not in ignorance and in fear. Let’s sort through its components, because here there are several sources that affect the performance. The fear of lose and fail to continue, a fear of crowds, fear of the end result — all this together may affect you.

Russia already has such a company, the only one in the whole country, which is engaged in the help to everyone who is afraid of his verbal shortcomings, Igro.There are trainings and master classes on rhetoric, literacy, communication and public presentations, i.e. everything associated with it. Igor Rodchenko-trainer public speaking with 25 years experience and owner of IGRO, in his legendary program «Master of words. Public speaking skills» shows and «grows» in the future each speaker its own unique speaking style. «Good speaker should know and be able to do very much, so we IGRO teach not only public speaking skills but also the foundations of language culture and literacy, reasoning skills, etiquette, techniques of the voice and ability to tell an interesting story.»

«I know not fear — all in the power of great Strength». Carrot Imve

manygoodtips.com_19.10.2016_HMhySY2NmCUSPThe confidence with which repeats these words the hero of the upcoming movie «Star wars. Outcast», inspires the same feeling in all of his companions. It starts with confidence, systematic victory for public speech, and before you start grinding literacy language and reading Dostoevsky, start with the deep qualities of his personality. Three components, which you should learn: calm, prudence and care. Don’t need to be a strong person, a hero enough to be able to curb their own feelings. Techniques for this are many (breathing, thinking about something good), but the most important thing — knowledge. Only it inspires the confidence that everything will be anyway.

Here you speak to colleagues, presenting a report on the new project. There are a lot of people who carefully listen to you. You have nothing to fear — it’s all adults, and know very well how difficult it is to stand at the blackboard and to explain something. They will not start the bloody bacchanalia and you will be reprimanded if you get stuck and you will spend time searching for the right place in my paper. Moreover, you yourself can take care of this, by making the appropriate notes and bookmarks, reducing those precious seconds.Many fear that the question «from the audience» put them in a deadlock, and there is a reason. Not always the topic neutral — sometimes you have to report, carefully hiding the flaws or errors in anything. The fear that these pitfalls will come out, and you don’t have the competence to explain their significance, the actual more often.

Of course, each situation has its own nuances, and a single template is not here, but here will save you. Remember this saying: «great is not the one who won, and those who escaped the battle»? So: speech, after which it remains a lot of questions, obviously unsuccessful. Avoid questions, but not short-term campaigns «sorry, I won’t be long», and detailed narrative that best distanciruemsa from possible taunts and misunderstanding on the part of listeners. Best impromptu one which was a dress rehearsal a week ago, so afraid of questions don’t need. They simply will not, if you were ready for them.

«No one sees this, but to me, his face an open book». Ozymandias

manygoodtips.com_19.10.2016_AXYnewfdz3AbXThe problem of voice intonations and nonverbal communication with the audience or a particular source lies in a different plane. To tell it with a straight face and even voice — is it cool? Syndrome «Dr. Manhattan» or «Kristen Stewart» — it is everyday thing in our lives. Let the actors show emotions, and you the Oscar no one would give his own to the presentation. However! Golden statue, of course not, but respect and appreciative nods — it is a significant award, to which it is possible and even necessary.

A living person causes real emotions — it is an axiom that can break is that of the great comedian Buster Keaton, without a single emotion causes fits of laughter. The bottom line is that your voice and facial expressions are the same tools as the language. They must be used skillfully and competently.

Valeria Kranevo, the specialist of the company «LKI Demosthenes», educational technology based on Western schools of acting skills in voice and neverblue, believes that one of the most important criteria for a successful speaker is the ability to gain the listeners throughout the performance, and this requires a good command of himself and his voice.Using a variety of psychological and acting techniques it is possible to keep the audience’s attention and answer the questions of the opponent, the tone to recognize his reaction to certain answers, in time to change their behaviour or attitude to information, to be on the same wavelength. The ability for a few seconds to establish contact with the audience, with someone, appreciate their intentions, to interpret the hidden motives of the speaker, to decipher the sign language may be the way to understand their career and overcome conflict.

And don’t you dare say that your voice is not suitable for performances. Anyone can train and demonstrate the best qualities is to know how. In the hilarious film «In a World…» the main character, who works as voice-over, constantly training, parodying the tone and facial expressions of other people. And does it so delicately that many interlocutors take it at face value. In General, cinema (good, preferably nominated for anything, plus in the original language) is the best source of inspiration.

«To overcome the fear. Trim excess. Discard all that has no real value. And slide». The narrator

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2016_VhrECvNVomtCaA beautifully and logically to communicate is only half the battle. All the best are born in communication, conflict. It is on the latter rests the existence of mankind, is in a dispute lies a grain of truth that can be grown only knowing how to argue their point of view, and realizing what opponent. As the hero of Edward Norton being half-asleep yuppies passes through the lush atmosphere of «Fight club», training your skills, and ordinary people coming to the trainings, fights, temper your nature, learn to win in any conflict dispute. This is an incredibly useful exercise to pump not only the causticity of the language and inner armor. There is no time and zakladatel at hand: victory depends on your training, where a 50% resilience, and 50% intelligence.

In workshop trainings Dmitry Ustinov has a similar training «Winners: the psychology of influence and charisma». Here from the soft dough, according to the tradition of «Fight club», people are like cast steel. The only difference is that these classes can talk and even advise their friends.

Form training contains three main parts: the educational (study of the impact of technology), «test» (exercises and psychological games) and field training (homework in my life). But his main goal is to develop in you the leadership qualities and resilience to stressful situations. This suggests an extremely powerful burst of energy, which usually experience is that only when playing sports. Or during the fight…

Equipment exercises there are quite hardcore, but eventually they harden, so that your eternal enemy it seems to be the opponent in the negotiations or the chief is a quiet mumble will meet your confident personality who can stand up for yourself and argue your point of view without «be» and «me». By the way, behind the psychologist Ustinov for over two thousand sessions, which were 40 thousand people are now on his site you can find such as «Combat rhetoric: the word as weapon», «Winners: the psychology of influence and charisma» and «Psychological fights.»

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