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There was Vitaly from Moscow. Was that Vitaly is very important and self-sufficient man, had a bureaucratic position, and every day began with the phrase, standing in front of a mirror in a towel: «Baby, Yu and ze veri Kul!» But one day, having gone on an overseas conference, Vitaly caught up with the embarrassment. Coming to the crowd, Vitali charmed the audience with his English. «Let mi speaks FOM may HART. Nou criminality! FIFA…» and so on. As the saying goes, «never Stirlitz have never been so close to failure.» And why? Because bad teacher was Vitaly from Moscow, because the meaning of learning English, if nobody can understand.

When you learn English, you have three pillars: grammar, translation, and speaking. Bison grammar textbook. The translation of the text doing in an embrace with a dictionary, referring to General meaning. What about spoken language? Here the problems begin. School teachers have roughly the same performance on spoken English as Sasha grey on the theory of passionary ethnogenesis. You can have fives, you can brilliantly translate the classical texts of Somerset Maugham and even confused, when is used the Past Perfect, and Future Simple when. But in a conversation with some Alabama farmer, you happen stupor, as a fan of the American TV series «homeland» at the sight of the Russian version.

Interesting story that happened to the author of the legendary epic on the demon purity of washee-washee by Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky. In addition to the Thriller «the Fly Tsokotuha» and tragedy, Woe to the women with the strange name of Theodore, Chukovsky was engaged and translations (in particular, translated Walt Whitman). When he was sent as a correspondent to England, he realized with horror that doesn’t understand a word of what the locals say. Although by that time he had already translated foreign literature and knew the language well.

There is an urgent question: how to improve your language skills? Language is a living organism, and in our turbulent times, it is constantly transformered and develops. We don’t speak the language Fonvizin, as the British do not speak the language of Byron. Here are some ways to «linguistici» correctly.

1. This may seem strange, crazy and even schizophrenic, but you need to talk to yourself in English. Let your schizophrenia linguistic color. Describe their actions, feelings, thoughts. This causes the brain to think in English without the involvement of the Russian language, but this is huge progress.

2. You need to listen to the music of speech, its melody. You can speak the language, but you need to try not to talk like a robot. Therefore watch movies in the original, see how they form words that convey emotion, how to put accents and how to pronounce vowels. In the dictionary write a transcription, but the interview turns out differently.

Those for whom the translation of the movie – a thing unbearable, may we introduce a special find educational videos, which is rife with the Internet.

And after all, to choose video and audio materials to teach himself – a thankless task, to choose something suitable to their level – rather difficult and long process. It is much better when it’s all part of the training course. We recommend the Online teacher. In fact it is distance learning via Skype, though with the kosher teachers. But the process is exciting, and the video and audio correct. So highly recommend.3. Why learning a language abroad? The fact that after the boring lessons in a stuffy class you have the opportunity to test the acquired knowledge in practice, so to speak, in a live environment. Definitely need to sharpen the language in the live conversation is the best way, as it would be with someone.

4. Use video tutorials and chat on Skype. Fortunately, now many online training schools, tied to real communication. Here and chat with a native speaker, individual approach, because every teacher is a personality. So use modern technologies for their own education.

To communicate with the teacher te-a-tete can advise New Way. Here the likelihood of meeting English speaking teachers is greater than ever. Perhaps this is one of the most intelligent online schools for spoken English.5. Read the foreign blogs. Classic literature is all well and good, but modern English often can be found only among bloggers. And don’t forget about the help is here in all its glory colloquial slang. With him on the Queen’s reception would not be going, but to communicate with young people are suitable.

6. Fix your thoughts in English. You can do this verbally, on camera, on tape. You can maintain your blog in English. Just try to make it more close to real language realities.

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