How to slow down aging

Nobody likes to grow old. Of course, first you grow up, but then you realize that you start to grow old. If you think worrying about it is the destiny of all, let me tell you, friend, you’re frankly wrong. At some point you realize that you’re in your 20s and 30s are starting to look much older in the worst sense of the word. So what to do? Botox, kremiki all sorts of chick flick? Not our choice, friend! Aging is not cool, and today we’ll show you how to avoid it!

1. Lack of sleep, 13.08.2013, PZoF9WvclSReDwy1vSIr0nuSFSLs86ha

Lack of sleep is extremely bad effect on the skin and on the metabolism. Sleep less than six hours will give you «magical» shadows under the eyes and sagging skin. Constant lack of sleep leads to hormonal changes which, in turn, leads to hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. It is desirable to sleep at least 7 hours a day, each. And don’t argue!

2. Drink a little milk, 13.08.2013, CDzr9qrhCzdBooQ5HtqZW7L8cAJ3279B

Recent research suggests that we lose every year after the age of 30 from 0.3 to 1% muscle mass that you will agree, a lot. As we have mentioned time and time again, build muscles with workouts and nutrition. Milk is a great way to rebuild muscle mass. But there is one «but»: the milk contains growth hormones and has a decent fat content, so it may lead to obesity, if you drink it without any physical training.

3. Lack of physical activity, 13.08.2013, 5SFlCUd1N0tY4Zz1MRddTuCp2dvSQhTd

Of course, I realize that «Game of thrones» is a great series, and you still have a lot of failed games. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to premature aging, mainly due to a lack of exercise to stimulate the heart and saturate the blood with oxygen. Lack of exercise leads to heart disease, obesity, which lead to poor quality of life, full of disease and suffering, and they lead to short and logical end. And nefig was to neglect the training!

4. Too many donuts, and other high-calorie sugary foods, 13.08.2013, 7PTvQ3TxTWUJBLUcxRcAbF2GpenMxAA0

I have to explain why this is bad? Look at this article to understand how you need to swing, to turn one lousy donut!

Of course, Homer Simpson is a hero, but pure sugar for all these seasons would make him not only very thick, but phenomenally old. Pure sugar affects the linking of collagen in human skin, turning it into a slack and inelastic. Wrinkles, folds and bags are attached. Liver disease, bone problems and all the same disgraced obesity attached, friend.

5. Too much alcohol, 13.08.2013, Fg8Bz6H8bOvIVmKNePRxuAcTKpWXDYCZ

Alcohol consumption in our lives is always a sad trend. First, alcohol leads to dehydration. In alcoholic beverages there are no nutrients, but always have sugar, dyes and other nasty things, there is nothing useful, apart from the pressure rise, but if there is something good in wine or beer, then it is always possible to find an adequate replacement. Vasodilation after a good night of drinking will give you an unhealthy red complexion and red veins.

6. Long hours of work, 13.08.2013, Z9vkfSzhOmu6i7YnGZgbYIXuml2W2zto

The stress and hard work are the main causes of rapid aging. When we are constantly under pressure, stress destroys our brain and other cells of the chaos sweeps around the body, causing a number of detrimental biological changes. Recent studies tell us that stress and exhaustion after a long work cause insomnia and a number of complex psychological and heart diseases. Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes of the second type are added.

I agree, health the pleasures of life certainly not lead!

7. Little fish and seafood, 13.08.2013, PoyeFggcWH66bcwXhJ2pQyAVjtwUHsXW

If you spent your entire life fighting for the meat and potatoes, try to go for fish and vegetables. I know this is difficult, but still try! Fish is known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are suitable for weight loss, so in order to prevent aging. It is equally good for hair, skin, heart and immune system. Look at the Japanese, man, these guys have the greatest life expectancy in the world.

8. Smoking, 13.08.2013, Tl933jIDS1baA4LmIsniJRoSzUG4xzZf

Smoking is not only bad for the body in General, but it ages well. So, Smoking causes cancer, heart disease and pulmonary routes, as well as Smoking ages the skin due to the fact that activates the enzymes that break down collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. If you need Smoking reduces the amount of vitamin C in the skin that leads to bleeding gums and reduces onlinemost of the skin and its appearance. Nobody likes it when his skin resembles a cellulite ass that is unpleasant to touch!

9. The neglect of protective creams from the sun, 13.08.2013, mQw4PRefAjRdbmj2yA3R4yn648lxH3It

As with all creams. Bro from a friend should be different from the number of creams. There is nothing shameful in the fact that you’re using the tool for moisturizing and protective cream from the sun on the beach. First, if you don’t take it, you will burn. Secondly, how are you this unpleasant astringent sensation in whole body when you visit the beach? Dryness skin sagging, wrinkles, age spots — all these «joy» to visit you when you spit on methods of protection.

10. Life in big cities, 13.08.2013, ZIIM3v2mHbCSZY2vuQ9HZZmtFZaCBRsS

It is known that people in small towns in Europe and Asia live much longer. The reason for this lies in the fact that there is a different pace of life that does not require you to rush as elektrovenik back and forth and be constantly busy. Junk food, fast snacks, poor environment make life in the big city is almost the main factor of aging. However, if you follow a, it is possible to reduce the risk, you just have to read our tips and be a normal man.

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