How to sleep well

Home life can be so irritating that the process of falling asleep becomes a real meal. You constantly toss and turn, you have nightmares, and in the morning you remind of a guy who’s been out all night and not sleeping. Your body is broken, like the brain, because you miserable, deprived of the joy of healthy sleep. But we will help you, because we know the main causes of such problems. In this text we will share with you simple tips that are inspired by life.

1 Make a sleep plan and stick to it


To go to sleep early and Wake up at regular times every day, including weekends, holidays and vacation. The sequence enhances your natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness, which in turn, helps to improve sleep quality. But I warn you: if you can’t sleep within half an hour, it is better to give up and try again at another time. Go back to bed when you feel tired.

2 Think than stuffing the stomach Before sleep should refuse to take any food. However, hungry people are rarely of good sleep. Our version is a light snack and some healthy food that doesn’t leave the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Also pay attention to alcohol, caffeine, nicotine — do not use this pack before bedtime. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants long-acting, they can easily ruin the quality of sleep. Alcohol, at first, on the contrary, allows to fall asleep quickly, but sleep with a bottle in his hand healthy will not name.

3 behavior Model of the Product and take a standard night behavioral patterns, which could help in fast falling asleep. An example of such behavior is reading books, listening to relaxing music or even a regular shower. The bottom line is that your body has to realize that he’s going to go. And osaragi electronics before bed. There are studies of the impact of the screens has a negative impact on sleep.

4 Comfort


Look at your bedroom. It should be dark, cool and quiet, like a cave, but it should be comfortable. If you live in a big city, earplugs superfluous will not be — they will protect you from the terrible sound, which is full of large cities.

Pay attention to your pillow and mattress — they should match your available. Time, better to replace than to suffer the next ten years. Like solitude? Make sure the room will not be able to get Pets or children.

5 Limit daytime sleep Has different opinions about daytime sleep. Some say that it is useful, others are convinced otherwise. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, a NAP will only aggravate them, because you get your natural clock. Clearly, if you work nights, then to abandon such a dream would be like suicide. In this case, we recommend you to block the access of the sun into your room. Let it be dark as night to make it easier on you to restore mode.

6 Physical activity If you lead a physically active lifestyle, and you’ll sleep better. But only need to choose the right time to practice. Too late to not do, as the charge of energy that you get in training will not allow you to sleep peacefully. Better to train a few hours before bedtime, so your muscles have time to feel tired.

7 to Cope with the stress


The main reason for poor sleep is the violation of the brain that occur during an endless quantity of stress. They are waiting for us at work, in family, in friends and even in hospital queues. More stress — less sleep. So, try to organize themselves, to prioritize, to undertake work which will help to cope with the growing ball of negativity. Don’t be afraid to take a break if you feel yourself on the verge of their capabilities. Time, it is better to drop everything and go relax a bit, chat with friends, go to the movies with a friend — such small pleasures of life.

8 don’t be afraid to go to the doctor a Sleepless night is an experience that everyone has at some point of life. But if they become for you a constant problem, it is best to consult a doctor. There is always the chance that your affliction roots growing health and it can be cured only by a skilled surgeon.

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