How to sleep in on the weekends

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2016_cVJURXSoMXv3xIn theory Sunday should be dedicated to a full, arrogant and self-sacrificing relaxation in all directions. But in reality, many of us feel on Sundays to say the least lousy. Rise, morning came, overwhelmed with work, came in quietly in the evening. It’s time to do shit, like more than anything. And then with red eyes, after several hours of insomnia and nonsense, 3 hours before lifting to flop to sleep, to Wake up in a bad mood.

For most working people it’s Sunday sleep — the most ridiculous and difficult, because not all are exhausting so that you sleep the whole 48 hours instead of the weekend. Fleur weekends and nights did not give the full to gain strength before the new working week. As it turned out, it affects a lot of reasons, including to alcohol and coffee. You can refuse them, and can score in the morgue to sleep (however, at a pace to it for long). Up to you, we will only show just in case simple ways how to sleep in on the weekend and recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

Keep the sleep schedule

We understand that the last time you slept in still in elementary school, but it was better for you to go to sleep and Wake up on Saturdays and Sundays around the same time as on weekdays. Well, okay, you can sleep an extra half hour. In good, Sunday better not to go to bed early.

You need to decide here what problem — are you willing to sacrifice the madness of the weekend for a healthy sleep.

Alas, but from the night’s festivities would have to abandon (or at least complete them at 8 PM). However, the choice is always up to you.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alas, nazarovka to forgetful state will not solve the problem. Of course, the first drink will go into the arms of Morpheus, but alas, the quality of sleep from alcohol is suffering very much. Plus, we guarantee that you will not want to Wake up in the bullpen, slept next to work with thugs like the catcher pokémon in the temple and a rapist, just because you’re in a drunken stupor knocked down six pedestrians the night before, singing the «Peter-to drink.»

Coffee? Doctors recommend: try to avoid caffeine the last 2 days. Even better, if you can completely eliminate it from the diet. But is it possible to sleep without booze and coffee? What dreams will dream?

Put the gadgets away to avoid all shiny, squeaking and glowing gadgets before you sleep. Blue light emitted from tablets and smartphones is the worst enemy of sleep because it suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. Instagram can be viewed in the morning, and to meet the sudden interest in the causes of the Opium wars and videos of the prophet Sanba best sleep aid. Otherwise, it will be delayed for 3 hours, and as a result you’ll get lack of sleep. And to increase its intellectual flow better in the evening. Besides, you may find that you are not so interested to know why Young Trappa was given 10 years.

Move to fall asleep faster

As they say, sleep tight those who worked well. Of course, the last thing you want to do on Sunday is to run and try to sweat. However, no one drives you under the rod, to squeeze the last bit of calm in their flesh. In fact, moderate aerobic exercise (e.g., walking in red autumn Park) affect the quality of sleep is much better than lifting weights.

A positive plan for the week ahead

Yes, phones are off, the alcohol was removed, what’s left? Add a good mood, of course. Open chakra your third eye, look at the week ahead in advance and think about what you could do to ease a few moments. Also don’t forget to plan my week so that there is time for fun, like meeting friends, lonely gaming, and other pleasures of the wheel of Samsara.

When in your life have a problem that keeps you awake at night, then use the method that can be called «the method employed uncle».

Simply put, mark the middle of the week time to think about the most pressing issues.

Sit down at the table, wrap my head in my hands and think about your life, try to answer the question, you’re a normal kid or a normal petushara. Know adults and children that questions torment as long as they are not answers.

See nonsense

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2016_n9gBA5zsvzEs6A bit of confusion is not never hurt. Therefore you shall not abhor an different view of nonsense like «Let them talk», funny sitcoms and shit on YouTube. In contrast to the serious stuff, the films of David Lynch, and other garbage, which plunges into a serious Duma, stupid entertainment helps to distract from problems, to turn off the brain, elevate mood and in that happy state to go on the side. But don’t forget, there is a measure. Don’t need wildly excited to see all editions of the beloved show. So masterpieces like «the Eric Andre Show» should be removed.

If all else fails

If sleep is impossible, if all methods do not bring long-awaited pleasure, it remains only one option — to go into something unbearable, like a textbook on geometry, the TV series «Tatyana’s day» or in work correspondence. With all this, betray his sleeping bed welcoming look that makes you want to return over and over again. And most importantly — do not look at the clock, it only Angers them and provides a reason for alarm.

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