How to simplify work with the computer

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_RJvyuEUQjmMAPThe computer has become an integral part of our lives, and sometimes it seems like we know everything about him, like a parent about their child. But trust me, he has something to surprise you, just eshcht not the time.

Today reveal only a fraction of the secrets that will greatly facilitate you from using the computer. Reveal nychka, passwords, browser, and tobolskie secrets and help you to touch thepresence. Of course, in a decent thepresence, Pornhub forget: the party said «no» — so that was out.

How to open any website

Exhausting procedure: first enter the site name in the search box, then you need to find it in the list issued by the press and wait until the boot. But there is a much faster way: simply type in the address bar, the site name, and then press Ctrl + Enter to have it instantly opened.

To download music

Score in the Google search box inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:»index of» +»last modified» +»parent directory» +description +size +(wma|mp3) «weezer». So you can find music to open FTP and http sites. To find other materials replacing the «weezer» that you need.

Skip the boring Intro with most video on YouTube

According to statistics, the first 30% of any YouTube video immediately skypeouts. In these 30 percent is hidden and unnecessary verbiage. Not always want to hear about what the blogger ate for Breakfast, and how he gave birth to a cat. So just hold key «3» and lo and behold, the video will immediately promoted 30% ahead! Much easier than typing in the address bar «&wadsworth=1» command, which performs the same function, but for some reason squander forward not all the videos.

How to restore a closed tab in browser

You need 3 fingers simultaneously assigned to Ctrl + Shift + T. And so uncomplicated way closed tabs will be resurrected in your browser.

How to move the mouse cursor

As it often happens, especially when you score a long name on that paper in the address bar, the browser gives you some kind of heresy. At such moments you have to cast over the text to erase some words and replace them with others. Lazy use arrows, driving slow cursor from the end of the fifth word in the beginning of the second. Others use a mouse that is not very convenient — it’s necessary to switch between it and the keyboard.

Well, as they say in advertising: «It was in the past, because now everything can be done with keyboard shortcuts. For example, Ctrl + Backspace deletes the word before which the cursor is positioned. And to quickly move the cursor without the mouse, hold down Ctrl and put the direction arrow keys.

Highlighting URL

Ctrl + L in the blink of an eye will highlight the entire URL in the address bar Chrome. Why is it necessary? Press to Backspace and erase the whole damn thing, I guess.

Access to private videos on YouTube and subscription sites

If YouTube videos are marked as private, or when trying to view the popping up annoying warning about the content, it can be very easy to circumvent this situation. No need to enter trudnoiskorenyaemyh combination NSFW or copy the link and open it Vkontakte. Simply to take and delete the word «watch» in the address bar.

The call of the task Manager

Control+Shift+Esc and in front of you the task Manager. Then do what you want.

Stop distracting gifs

Some portals I love to sculpt gifs that are very annoying, especially when you were going to read the text, and from all sides you can see the flickering silent moving images. There’s an old Indian secret: Escape hold, and all the gifs that are on the page will minimize and will not open until then, until you reload the page. Strictly, but gifs are good when they are few.

Switching between open applications

Holding Alt-Tab, you can quickly switch between open applications: for example, between Skype, Telegram and browser. Very handy if you forgot that you have open, or decided to see what rubbish you write in the middle of the night.

Copy uncopyable

Sometimes going to the site and trying to copy the text for your thesis, you are horrified to find that the right mouse button does not work here. To solve this trouble, forget it in the address bar javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null) — this will bypass the JavaScript alert on the corresponding website. The only minus — this operation will have to perform each time before using the right mouse button.

To open a incognito window

Maybe you knew about it, but it never hurts to remind you that ctrl + shift + n open a tab in incognito mode in Chrome. Mode is designed so you could walk freely over the network, being sure that nothing of what you’re watching will be «History». In other words, it provides full confidentiality of your movements on the Internet. Very useful, especially if you are interested in law enforcement.

A simple way to clear the cache

CTRL + SHIFT + R to clear the cache, refresh the page, will speed up the browser and saves the hard disk from unnecessary garbage.

How to access blocked subreddit If certain subreddits are blocked, just enter the name of the subreddit together with the «+» at the end. For example: /g/AskReddit

Plugins to help

Plugins that will make the Internet 100 times better:

YouTube Center: allows you to customize YouTube to your liking, install auto HD, remove annotations, and other annoying things that normal people have to adjust every time while watching the video.

Imagus: allows you to view the image just hover on the link. Works fine with the same reddit.

AdBlock: not ashamed to know this legendary ad blocker.

An alternative way to play YouTube videos

If there are those who are tired to play and pause the video using the space bar, you can do the same by pressing «K». Perhaps, this news can be useful except for pablopavo.

The opening pay-access sites

Some wonderful sites like «Sputnik & Pogrom» allow us to read a certain number of free materials a month, and everything else — just for the money. I would not want to deprive the guys of earnings, in the end, any work should be paid, therefore, use this method to bad the «Washington Post» to teach it.So, all you have to do is remove the cookies from the site, and then it will reset the counter. In addition, you can browse in incognito mode (not just for porn to use it).

A quick and easy way to track your parcels

If you Google the tracking number, you will transfer to the page where you track the movement of the package.

To remove unnecessary words from the search

When you search in Google you can enter a minus sign, and then write those words and meanings that should not be given in the final result. Especially useful when searching for names or words with many meanings.

To access video websites that are banned in the country

Video is not available in your country? Don’t worry, come on and look calm. By the way, Hola allows you to instantly play media files without waiting for them to load.

How to find the page via an outdated link

The link is outdated and doesn’t work? Copy the address and drop in often they still have copies.

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