How to simplify communication with customers via Gmail


Few people understand all the subtleties of the work support until faced with it personally. And when that happens, then you have to look for a solution in which this complex mechanism will begin to operate normally. Most often, the search leads to an unpleasant truth: if your company is IBM or FedEx, but only a small service cleaning tangerines for seniors at home, will have to do without expensive systems. And those that are cheaper, got a lot of restrictions, so it make sense to use them just not visible.

A Buddhist who works in our newsroom, notes that all you need to strike a balance. And it seems that the guys from Deskun spent at least several years in a Buddhist monastery on the outskirts of the Alps — so perfect they have complied with the ratio of price and quality of their product. By the way, talking about the support system, if you still do not understand. Moreover, the plugin Deskun works inside of Gmail and is installed in the Chrome browser in 1 click. But about all under the order.

Using the service Deskun you can communicate not only with users but also with employees, assigning tasks and setting deadlines. Previously, such events required the purchase of heavy software to deal with that could only be a specialist, not so much because of the amount of work, but because of difficulties with distribution. Admit it, rummaging through the mail with a blank look in search of the right letters to create a bunch of special folders and pack them contacts — it is tedious and time consuming.

How can solve all these problems Deskun? First, with the help of special settings and filters are very easy to carry out dialogue with the client — can make the traditional auto-reply, to know if he opened your letter, to defer the sending of a message that person later, or put a reminder «read the letter.» All of these capabilities initially available free to you in two weeks could test them, without paying a penny.

Second, you can forget about the uncomfortable correspondence with employees using instant messengers and so on. Using Deskun you just create a special queue and ticketing tasks in them, assigning responsibilities and deadlines, changing priorities at any time, and delegating responsibilities is not worse than «the godfather.» In addition, a plugin can «live» track read and perform these tasks. Most importantly, the system does not intersect with another post — you don’t get confused in the accumulation of tasks and emails.

Third, the privacy here is guaranteed. That is absolutely every user of the system, you can set individual access rights, and service notes will be visible only to those whom they are intended. By the way, don’t be scared if you’re not using «chrome» and «Google» — the system works perfectly and there, and soon will start using other browsers. But if a browser you never use, know the main features of the system available in a conventional email client.


What we were saying about price? In General, if in two weeks you will be convinced that you are satisfied, then the transition to a paid mode will be absolutely painless. A month is enough to pay just one dollar and you can use the plugin to its fullest. If opportunities are not enough, you can always pay a nominal sum for additional agents and queues. And the base chips with tracking reading, templates, and pending shipment and is available for free.

Deskun the advantages are obvious: their plugin is easy to install and easy to manage, requires no additional servers, completely in Russian, functional and cheap. So, if ever the ruble will fall, then there is cause for concern, but to touch it is probably not so much a payment for service as the future of this country. Otherwise and in General, there is no reason to abandon such a rewarding opportunity to relieve suffering in the management of the firm and to give you more free time in life.

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