How to show a friend when it first in your party


You probably think burned a lot of nerve cells when we first approached the object of his affection – a girl who is reading this text together with you. But all this is minor compared to the hassle that brought her you, when invited to his house. A friend really knows you, has no idea what to expect from you, how to behave and in what conditions do you live. And if the house your parents are, it is now a fatality.

Your task in this situation is the maximum cooling setting. But the problem is just that you have no idea how to do it and what to do with a girl at home. Mind you it could be anything, but if you want to impress, you better be a gentleman. And use our list. He may seem conservative, but proven for decades.

1. Show her pictures since childhood


Better do it yourself and not wait until the mother will receive a photo album of incriminating photos of your early youth. It is better to prepare in advance the selection, or do the honest thing and show it as it really is. Pictures should not be boring or too serious, leave a space for laughter and puzzled exclamations: «That was you?! This snow!» Of course, not every girl should show your family history. This is not cool, extremely personal, even if you treat it lightly. But viewing old photos creates a sense of trust, the person relaxes, and learns about something new.

2. Console – a great option


Can you give a friend your joystick and check out her gaming skills. At the same time recognize her tastes relating to video games, because maybe you live with it! If you play it was cool, fun, don’t let go of this girl ever, those people on the planet units. The games themselves are, in fact, the best option of relaxation for two strangers that sex is still not solved, and candid conversations still premature. The brain is distracted by the task of playing the General that brings the girl and boy. Recommend cooperative games, fighting game is another level of relations.

3. Table games are even better!

But video games will never replace live communication, which is possible in desktop games. For example, when I come to visit unfamiliar dudes, I always hope that the conversation will flow or drinking, or good nastolki, otherwise it just doesn’t add up. With a friend at first of the same. It is necessary to reduce the speed and apply communication in a playful way. What game to choose? Of course, not in the style of D&D where the party lasts a lot of time to understand this mastodon will not be easy. But the quiz will be, on the contrary, a great option. Girlfriend finds out about you and you about her. Highly recommend kosher just a Minute. It’s pretty simple: roll the dice, go on the field and perform the job. Quests can be in the form of a question, or in the form of mini-games. If you can’t do the job, then you step back one step back. Who will reach the finish line wins. Cool that you can play not only alone, but also four, five, six of us!

4. Give her into the hands of your cat/dog

Girls will definitely love animals, most of them for sure. And if you have a home with some furry cat or dog cool, just let me keep being your friend. This will help her to relax, and communication will go more at ease. Pets are really great linking together of people. Besides, if you have a pet, a friend will understand that you are attentive and sensitive, and these qualities in a relationship are not in last place.

5. Prepare dinner and drink a nice drink


And you can prepare in advance – so it will be even better! Buy in store quality wine, some juices (suddenly a friend does not drink) and prepare a delicious dinner, lunch or even Breakfast. Only it is not necessary to arrange the atmosphere of the date. Let everything be relaxed, candles and other romantic nonsense. Friend will be pleased if you make dinner without any hint of intimacy. He needs to understand that it’s always better when you give something, but don’t expect anything in return. And eating food, as a rule, greatly facilitates communication with a barely familiar person.

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