How to shoot his first film in 8 steps

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_iGYU0v2PSP2YeArt that gives entertainment and recreation — four letters. What? No, there are clearly more suited «circus». David Fincher always said that filmmaking is not to entertain and hurt. A famous Director once admitted that she loves «Jaws» for 75 years is not awash in the ocean. What, from the birth of the first genres of cinema had only one objective: to cause a person continually to experience different feelings.Neither painting nor music is capable to embody a bouquet of emotions that will leave a long lasting finish. «Black square» can not force a person to change your life, «Three little birds» only emphasizes the already established mood, and «Anna Karenina» out of the piles of letters only thanks to the actors. The movie only gives us the opportunity to look at the world from a different angle. Only cinema is able in two hours to give us a sincere desire to conquer Everest, to help solve family problems and to see the lives of people all over the world. Only cinema is able to unite hundreds of different personalities with completely different spheres. Movie… and the Director.

As you have already understood, our text is devoted to true fans of cinema, for whom the phrase «movie magic» is more than beautiful words. This is not the place for those who decided to become a wealthy Director, and for whom the delivery of the film on Thursday and subsequent profit is more important than the story and the process of shooting (the syndrome of «Sarika» it’s time to record in the medical books). No place here for those who like movies, but insofar as, and naively believes that their production is no big deal. Well, when you look at Russian TV series may get the impression, but we are talking about the art of cinema. No need to assign it a proud name to all that shot at the figure and claim any plot. Anyway, if you’re ready for years of stress, the creative suffering… no, to the hundreds of different magic and fresh ideas and not similar to each other days, we will try to help you to make them the best time in your life.

Step 1: the Idea and the script

Russia already has enough useful courses that introduce the basics of the art of directing. But it is not possible to experience art without seeing at least fifty of the masterpieces. «I didn’t go to film school. I went to the movies» — often reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino in interviews. All these thoughts about what modern films just take the experience previous, not quite right. They are different, and this is their advantage, development. You also need to understand that the idea for the story may be unique, but only if you know that nowhere else was there. So look, take heed, write this down.

Screenwriting write books, and to accommodate this knowledge in a few paragraphs, of course, impossible, but we will try.

The main thing to forget, starting to write a script is not a book, a story. Printing word by word, you first have to see how it will look on the screen.Even the scenario with the minimum number of dialogues may require a lot of time, which you spend on understanding and building the visual part. To facilitate this task, you can do sketches of scenes in a special notebook or album.

Alfred Hitchcock it is said that a great film you need three things: the script, the script and the script. Smart learns from the mistakes, so just remember to stumble than novice writers. First, the phrase that does not describe the character. The dialogue may be brilliant, but if the janitor expresses his thought by the words of academician — the viewer will immediately understand that something is wrong. Second, words alone mean little. Propisivat literally every move, every gesture. The film «Thick» like many is the fact that the local dialogues were built not only in words, but «says» silence and subtle movements. Thirdly, good work – planned work. No good the script was not born chaotic, so pre-plan how your story will begin, what will happen in the course, and it will all end. While ideally you should not think of such a three-stage structure.

Step 2: fundraising planning

We deliberately exclude the option of a sudden inheritance that prompted you to make a movie. Now everything is very simple thanks to crowdfunding – voluntary fundraising. You, as a beginner, in this sense, is simultaneously hard and easy. Easy, because nobody knows you and you don’t have time to remove a bunch of disgusting movies — Uwe Boll tried three times to collect so money for a new project, but then spat and sent to all. It is difficult because nobody knows who you are, and if you should trust hundreds of thousands of rubles.

If behind shoulders there is even a seedy short film, all hope for the plot of the future film, so prove it to the people to seize and keep the intrigue. Tell me about which places are going to remove (or better show me), give sketches (or rather, «the concepts of»), write what will you spend the budget. This is the most difficult in preproduction, because, having no experience to start financial planning very difficult. But without this in any way, so get it together, get another notebook and unlimited Internet and start to fix all possible and impossible costs. You’d definitely need the money, locations and props, shooting technique, and maintenance (food, transport, rent of premises) and advertising.To the end of the calculations you still have the fuse, will make a fraction of the positive examples. Horror film «Paranormal activity» was filmed in the style of pseudodocumentary» never claimed to be high art, but with a budget of 10 thousand dollars collected 200 million. And the first «Mad Max» — a cult action, gathered in 1979, more than 100 million, was filmed for 400 thousand. Of course, we should not forget that they were a breath of fresh air in the stagnant genre, but maybe your script will be something revolutionary. Anyway, your first project will be wholly independent, but here a different attitude to the budget. Master independent movie John Cassavetes said, «to make a film, it is necessary to experience a sincere disregard for money». Recommend you to listen to his opinion.

Step 3: Gathering the team

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_zMWvsdSpgASz8Alas, you’re not Steven Spielberg, so you have little to moderate ambitions and to try to combine several professions: Director, screenwriter, producer, and, perhaps, another assistant, and editor. But the actors, a Director of photography, sound technician, makeup artist and a couple of extra assistants for them, you just have to look. With the actors all quite easy and simple: budding artists ready even for free to play in a good movie for them it would be a great start in his career. Unfortunately, here lies the catch: they’re young, so casting spend wisely.

And once we say «wisely», then here, too, there are a couple of nuances. For starters, a camera that captures an actor must be as close as possible – this will help you see clamped or actor in front of the lens. In addition, it is better to give him some General remark, and one that characterizes his hero. With a choice it is better not to hurry: if found two suitable actors, let them play together in dialogue and will show if there is chemistry between them. Actually, it’s probably the only job where you can bring a friend or neighbor and not to be disappointed in the selection — it may well be that he brilliantly plays the comedic role. In the end, a lot of famous artists came to the profession from other fields.

And if this category is better to rely on gut instinct, the technical part of the command correct to find a more categorical. A good Director of photography — almost half the quality of the future masterpiece. Remember «Buried», where Eduard Grau managed to pull off an exciting 90 minutes of drama and Thriller, within a two-meter box. And about skills in Russian] do you need to rent separate movies. With the same attention to seek his voice, because only someone who constantly works with sound, able to bypass the possible shortcomings and to record exactly the sounds that you need. And yet, I strongly suggest you find an editor which allows to implement any ideas that you personally will suffer more than one month.

Step 4: Search of locations and props

Peter Jackson got lucky enough to be born in New Zealand, which later helped him to remove the best fantasy film in the history of mankind. And who knows, maybe you are lucky to be born, for example, in Kamyshin, where there are not less beautiful views and everything you need for shooting a fantastic new Saga. In Kamyshin… hmmm, anyway, it’s not the most difficult part of the training.

Of course, it all depends on the genre and script, but without a Director of photography and sound technician you can not do — will have to travel with them to different locations, so they figured what lighting you will need and what microphones are best to use.In General, in the era of the green screen much impossible becomes very real, but to completely shoot the entire movie on it, need a whole team of experienced professionals — just remember that you are not too hoped for such assistance. Yes, and it is enough to remember «the Hobbit», which exchanged the natural «Lord of the rings» visual effects and much have lost the trust of fans to the third part. Discuss all the ideas with the operator, and in the end you will find suitable places for filming.

By the way, the location for this it is advisable to choose close to each other — so you save on transportation of team and equipment. Characters of the Comedy «bowfinger» had to improvise with the choice of locations — the main character, a Hollywood star, did not know what was in the film, and that they are constantly chasing an invisible film crew. As for props, there is nothing at all complicated. Clothing actors can bring their cars too, if you want you can find (assuming that they don’t have to break). You can just rent the necessary things for a special service.

Step 5: Purchase of equipment

Of course, your hired professionals should already have some equipment, but no additional equipment just will not do. After a visit to locations when you realize that you need to shoot, go to the store. In principle, the most important things that distinguish a good movie from Amateur — usable camera with stabilizer, adequate lighting and suitable microphones. Everything else depends on the people themselves.


The appropriate equipment can only be found in specialty stores, like «Hotohori». The operator will be able to purchase the vest and shoulder pads for fixation of the camera, stabilizers and lighting equipment, cranes and tripods, and monitors, rig systems and sliders. A sound engineer will find the microphones of different types. The store provides discounts when you order between 40 and 100 thousand rubles, and delivery is free in Moscow and Voronezh. In addition to reasonable prices, here happy expert technical advice, so that the film may well be cheaper than you thought.

And don’t forget to buy more drives, because all future material is unlikely to fit on your computer even if you delete the entire collection of porn. Of course, it all depends on the number of duplicates and quality numbers, but for a start better to be safe, otherwise the installation phase, superimposed on the filming stage, and instead of the creative process you get difficult thoughts about how to reduce this scene to fit it on the disc.

Step 6: Filming

Do we still have gotten to this stage? It is fair to say that preproduction is always the longest part of the process, so it is not surprising. However, before the first firecracker clicks and will start the shooting itself, you need to work on a more economical arrangement of kinozen. That is, try to make the episodes in close to the geography of the locations were filmed at one time, and scenes that require travel out of town to the other. Of course, I want to make a movie step by step according to the scenario, but nowadays it is a luxury. In «the hobbit» scene of the early and final in the home of Bilbo, was filmed in one day, to save time and money.

In the other, when will shot the first scene of the movie, change the brain from a financial regime on creative and enjoy the process. The pros in the Director that during the filming he does almost nothing. Its main task is work with actors. Because you have to deal with newcomers who may not have seen so many films, how many have you seen, that you have wisely, without scandals, to instruct them in the way that you see. Again to reiterate: the artists themselves so movie and I love that it gives them pleasure. This is the most interesting period, and even if you remove the tragic drama, the team needs to celebrate and rejoice.

If the casting you did well, and no problems. But there are moments when the actor in an emphasis does not understand, where is developing his character and what feelings he should feel. To solve this not on the set, and in advance. Even before shooting began, the actors and Director need to have a few meetings in a relaxed informal setting (in the country or in a Park) and to discuss the entire film and every role separately, with the script and pencils in hand. This is a required step that will further bring you closer and will let you know what can come out of this cooperation.

Step 7: Installation

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_qBt762lnGssQmAh, how nice it would be monterossa the film itself, so once in this form, as you wanted. No messing around type «and whether to cut this episode?», «and as if to add more drama?», «can move the time forward?». It is foolish to assume that shooting film is almost ready. Good installation done from the «Social networking» for an Oscar-winning Thriller, and guy Ritchie all became recognizable to any movie buff thing. It’s like re-making of the film, but first he needed a camera and actors, and now — sliders and «scissors».

Going back to step 3, recall that if you want quick and high quality results in advance and find a good editor. With him you will spend one week leplae from raw material something tasty and ready to eat.

If he’s a rookie and experience it a little, show him youtube channel of SM Films or see for yourself if you suddenly decided to cope on their own.Here help you not only during installation — for example, tips on color correction and the creation of the Ghost and shoot. Very useful video tutorials which explain how to choose a tripod, record high-quality sound, make the trailer and more. And here you can watch kinopovesti and slowly learn to work in Adobe After Effects.

Step 8: Marketing

Cinema, the art which belongs to the people and, therefore, to see that the film has as many people as possible. Now the best time for more budget, because you already have something to show (experienced filmmakers use this trick at the stage of shooting). So you will be able to cover unexpected expenses and possibly to enlist the future support of influential studios.

If you’re going to show the film at international film festivals, get ready to shell out for the translation of the film and the creation of the English copy. You will design a distribution certificate, which will give the road your film in cinemas. Since you have already considered this item, you will find the money and creating posters and trailer. By the way, a trailer to do also have individuals: history has many sad examples where commercials are assembled by the same people that created the film, and the result left much to be desired. It’s all different vision marketers know better than to love the movie to a potential viewer. It is through these two moments will decide the fate of your «baby», so don’t nabigator.

In General, work completed and left to watch the reaction of the audience and wait for the offers from producers. But to the last it is better to be a Buddhist careful not to count for a lot. In Hollywood, there are cases where the Directors-debutants give large projects, but «we are not yet in Hollywood, with a long creative path, and many other films. In the end, you’re going to shoot not for fame: your ideas — that is the most important. And share their need, without wasting time, here and now. One of the best of kinodela of our time, James Cameron said, «If you will wait for the right moment to have a child you’ll die childless. With movie the same.» So maybe it’s time to realize your dreams and start doing what you love the most?

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