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Besides being able to grow a fancy beard, there is a «male» thing to shave with a straight razor. Why bother to shave his facial vegetation with a straight razor? In the world invented so many great ways to avoid this relic of the past: machines with a blade, shavers, trimmers… beard, in the end. But razor is the best way to shave my long boroden because it really shaves very clean. And today we will try to understand the complex intricacies of straight razors.

How to change the razor

Like any weapon, a razor is to look. Usually this is enough for grinding the blade on a strap of genuine leather. The belt must be turning the wrong side and a little stretch. It was wide enough. When you start sanding, make sure the razor blade was sent directly to you, her rear slightly raised above the surface of the belt. Two of them were razor regularly, but don’t do this immediately after shaving: on the blade was a small damage, which can lead to fracture and chipping., 23.07.2013, uxljsvXxCYVpRH9vMkP3REGpn0EOFhfd

How to prepare for the shave

First, a person need to moisturize. Soak it hot water waffle or Terry towel and carefully apply it to the face. Just hold it a few minutes to the skin to moisturize and steam is good to help against irritation, which will surely pop up after the first shave. Eyes and forehead, of course, not closed, if you have a beard there is not climbed.

Secondly, we need shaving foam. But that is not what you’re used to shaving, especially foam. Buy special shaving with a straight razor. Instead of foam it is possible to use shaving soap which gives a nice voluminous lather. Soap the hair with a brush and foam whipped in the Cup., 23.07.2013, aGUTzieIW1v3CRRFwyBfQyD9XuHeFLNl

How to hold the razor

There are many ways to hold the razor. More specifically, I found three. And it’s really a lot! I personally believe that we need to learn to use at least one way, and leave the rest to Pontius bro.

The first method. Keep index, middle and ring fingers at the top of the base of the razor, which it goes into the casing. Pinkie put on the tail, and the thumb hold the lower part of the neck for support. The casing may be directed downwards., 23.07.2013, IMQ1nLx92jBCkjSKdpZ8iqR1OyPwKidT

The second method. Almost the same, only the casing of the shaver, or, as it is called, «sting» aimed in the other direction, convenient browseme.

The third way. Your thumb and middle finger lie on top of handle near neck. The index guides the blade. Other or hold the razor by the handle, or accidentally shaved — and who said it was easy?


To start with temple. What? From what you have from your dominant hand. That is, if you are right handed start with the right temple. If the Lefty — left. How to shave with a straight razor? Examples of the razor to the skin at a slight angle of 25-35 degrees. For those who have no eye, let, a little less than 45, and it is easier to calculate. Pull the skin on your face with his free hand: it’s easier to shave. From the temples lead the way to the chin. Spent? Now repeat the procedure, but against the grain. Why? To shave with a straight razor cleaner. The smaller the angle, the greater the chance that the hair will not break the blade. The degree can be increased only when the shaved area of the lips. It is easiest to start with the shaving of the cheeks and temples, and then go to shave the lip and chin.

Necessary things

Of course, the razor. A good razor release leading German companies like Dovo. The price tag starts from 8-9 thousand. Chinese you can buy at a price starting from 500 rubles, but the quality is lame. These belts made from cowhide leather for straightening blades are bought at a price 2-3 thousand rubles. The price range for brushes, soap and bath foam huge.

Is it worth to spend money on this? I don’t know, but you can always try a good salon, and then say if it’s worth it or not.

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