How to sharpen a pocket knife

how to sharpen a pocket knifeWe often write about different kinds of pocket knives that you’re probably already well versed — if you read us often enough. Of course, a pocket knife should be in the Arsenal of any self-respecting dude, there is no doubt there. That’s just going to have to grind, and as we see you today and tell you.

Important caveats

As it usually happens with me, I «say at once». Now, there are many ways to sharpen a pocket knife. Everyone has a favorite way, which seems better than others, and your set of special tools. Here much depends on your preferences. I’ll tell you how sharpen pocket knife I’m here I’m sorry, man, than rich and happy. If you have another method, that’s cool, write us in the comments and I’ll try.

And the knife need sharpening, depending on how you plan to use it: for cooking, slicing, etc. But if you’re not going to cook with his pocket knife lunch extra class, you don’t have to sharpen it like a knife chef.

Necessary tools

To sharpen a pocket knife, many do not. By and large, you only need two things: a sharpening stone and oil.

Grinding stones. There are many ways to sharpen a knife, but also many varieties of grinding stones. For example, Japanese water stones, stones with diamond surfaces, and stones of different types of sand. Again, the stone is chosen depending on the function of the knife you intend to sharpen, and their own preferences. Try different kinds of stones, to understand that you better suited.

If you have a particularly steep than, he naturally will not work worthless cheap sharpening stone. However, if the first time you ever bought a pocket knife, you sharpen it you can probably anything. You can find on any eBay or Amazon whetstone at least for ten bucks. I ordered a 15 — ordinary universal sharpening stone. Most sharpening stones have two sides: over rough and smooth. The less sand, the more you will get the blade. As a rule, begin sharpening with a coarser side and finish the sharpening on smoother.

Grease. Those who ate a dog on sharpening knives, I suggest to use for this venture lubrication. I am looking for anything from water to oil. The majority of the people converge, sharpening knives is quite good industrial oil. What is it? Lubrication reduces the heat generated from the friction of the blade on the stone’s surface. High temperature is unfavorable for the knife: because it may deform the blade. In addition, the oil helps to remove the debris and small metal shavings, which is formed from the friction of the blade on the stone. Buy butter too small.

Although, I hasten to note, grease is not a pressing need for the majority of grinding stones. So you can sharpen a knife and oil in the field. This is because aestheticism.

How to sharpen a knife

1. Start with the rougher side. If the knife you have a very dull, start sharpening it with a more rough side. How is it determined? Sometimes it is even seen by the eye. If you can not visually determine which side is smooth and which you can test by using the nail of your thumb. Run it over the surface of a grinding stone on both sides and start to sharpen the one that seems less smooth. And another firmer side is usually more porous. If you poured on the stone the water and she really had fallen upon it, then you should start with this side.

2. Prepare the stone. If you decide to use lubricant, while the time to access it. Pour a sufficient amount of oils on the surface of the stone. It is not necessary to fill in, but regret is also not necessary. All the middle guys!

3. Hold the blade of the grinding stone at an angle of 10-15 degrees. This is a key point: the right angle plays a huge role in the knife. Different knives require different angle for pocket knives it is just the best 10-15 degrees. So the knife will get sharp enough for your everyday Affairs, but not so sharp that they could carry out surgical intervention. To constantly maintain the same angle between the knife and the grindstone is not easy, the skill comes with practice. The bourgeoisie before it realized that even sell special devices to maintain a proper angle if you’re interested, look on different sites on request sharpening guide.

4. Begin to sharpen. When you find the optimum sharpening angle, and you can start the process. For example, I RUB the knife on the stone. Someone rubs the stone on something then whatever you like. Both bearing fruit, try that you better suited. If the knife blade is curved or (a little) longer grinding stone, you’ll have to move the blade in a horizontal plane during sharpening to the knife has turned out uniformly sharp along the entire length. Yes, do not overdo it with the pressure: to press on, but not with full force. How is the sharpening? Spend in one fell swoop with a knife at the grind-stone from the top down and turn the blade to its original position. To perform the manipulation you need 6-12 times.

5. To sharpen other side of blade. Do all the same things, but on the other hand.

6. To sharpen the sides. A stroke on one side is a swing in the other; a very exciting process!

7. Now slice off both sides, using less grainy surface of the stone. All the same, in the same sequence.

Here we have sharpened pocket knife! Not such a difficult task. Not that hard, man!

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