How to shake hands to make a good impression


In life we have to shake hundreds of hands. During this short contact those who shakes hands, gets the opinion of each other. Why your handshake should tell people I’m a heart person, not an insensitive bore. There are some rules of the handshake, following which you can achieve great things.

Let’s shake hands

There are three key points in the art of the handshake, creates a favorable impression:

1. How to shake hands.

2. When to shake hands.

3. Where to shake hands.

How to shake hands

Make sure your handshake is strong enough and your hand to the touch not like a slippery fish. However, don’t try to squeeze someone else’s hand.

Make sure on hands no food residue or grease, if you don’t want people to remember what you ate before your session.

If you have sweaty hands, safe and fast gesture wipe them on his pants.

When you hold out hand for a handshake, look people in the eye and smile.

When to shake hands

The handshake must be timely. Many people avoid shaking hands because they are afraid that no one will shake their outstretched hand. Even if you’re not sure that your gesture will notice, always try to offer a hand for a handshake. In most cases, people will notice and they’ll shake it.

Remember the differences of the cultural code. In most cultures there are various situations in which a handshake is necessary. Some consider it shameful to shake hands with women, other cultures consider the handshake is invalid. Find out in advance the opinion of the person on this account and act in accordance with its rules.

What if the offer of the handshake is not answered and you are left with outstretched hand?

I hate it when that happens because it makes them feel dumb, especially when everyone around saw the person I wanted to shake hands, declined the offer. Don’t feel embarrassed. The problem is not that the other person doesn’t consider you worthy and important. You just hoped for a certain reaction, but it did not happen.

Don’t offer a handshake if the other man an enthusiastic conversation.

Do not approach someone from a distance with outstretched for a handshake hand. It is very difficult to notice.

Clearly congratulate first person to notice you and pay attention to you, and then reach out.

Where to shake hands

A handshake is good everywhere. See it, shaking a lot of hands at any public event. Always make sure that you shook the hand of a master, when you come to the event and walk away with it.

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