How to set yourself up for fitness classes

You did not have time yet to move away from the holiday, and we’re already on the fitness remind. But wasn’t our idea to start something important from Monday or the new year. So if you’re still for some reason postpone fitness classes, defensively, that can still involve the stomach so as to appear not very plump, it’s time to start to change something. Otherwise for whom we all have those motivation to write?To be in shape is not just to be able to get to the tenth floor of the stairs without shortness of breath. To be in shape means keeping your body in readiness. You never know what awaits you around the corner.

But we are all lazy bastards who find it hard to spend their free time playing sports or at least simple exercises. Many of us hate any form of physical activity, which is sad, because excessive relaxation in the muscles never painted a man. Besides, it’s not just aesthetics, it’s in their own health. And let Finnish scientists have proven that the sport does not affect life expectancy, but it will no doubt affect its quality.

So how do you overcome hatred, which is caused by any movement that strain our body? We write about you, and then hope that you are already a grown man, not a child. And also think you realize that sometimes you have to do things that don’t really want to do. For example, a daily lift to work or dealing with the tax. You’re doing this? Here exercise the same way.

However, if the tax kills your nerve cells, fitness makes them stronger. If the job’s effect on the spine and muscles, the gym works exactly the opposite, that is all it is good for your physical condition. But not only this is important, because regular visits to the gym affects relationships within the family, the purity of your mind and what your budget and income potential. Has not been canceled because of mental and social well-being for life. Has not been canceled, the importance of self-confidence. There are a million reasons who cry to you: «Take care of yourself!» And if you already got out of diapers, it should be understood that some of the things to do when you absolutely don’t like.

Go be a shrink

Get it in your head that it is necessary and a fait accompli. A lot of athletes believes that a 90% success live somewhere in the field of mental. It is necessary to adjust itself on the result. For good result you need to think more about the positive and remove the negative thoughts during workouts. Appreciate small successes and don’t dwell on failures. If you have 30 free minutes, spend them usefully, and not just lying on the couch. It’s kind of always been clear.

Find out what you don’t like

Of course, in training, because to say you don’t like exercise it’s like saying: «I don’t like cheese.» Vague and not true. You just have not found the cheese, who came to you to taste.

Instead of hating exercise, try to find those that you are less likely to irritate and perhaps they are you might like. If you do not like to run, do not run. If you don’t like to jump, don’t jump. Try to find something that may like. We are convinced that this form of physical activity will be found.

Pick the least bad option

If you’re a lazy creature, like the cat Garfield, choose the least shitty option. It doesn’t sound so bad, right? Start with the month of regular classes, and there will go like clockwork.

Of course, it would be better to develop an individual program and to overcome their «do not want». But we’re lazy bastards, so take the path of least resistance. Remember that this is all for your own good!

Make exercise more enjoyable

It is unlikely that training will be your favorite way to spend a half an hour, but you have the power to make all of this nicer. Don’t play the victim role! Take, for example, of a friend and transform exercise into a social experience. Or use the run as an opportunity to explore the city. It is advisable to create a playlist, to distribute the back different pleasant music and do everything for her. Any nasty stuff you can become tolerant, if you are in a pleasant environment or are you surrounded by nice people.


It is impossible to eat one raw, like you’re a monk Photius. You need to diversify your diet, even if you don’t like it. As with exercise, any physical activity. Try to search for something fundamentally new, something that might be of interest at first sight. For example, try to find guys that play table tennis once a month and offer them your company. Diversity attracts and destroys routine, which is the place to be not only at work but also in the gym.

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