How to set myself fitness goals and achieve them

fitness goals

Remember how before the new year, you thought that 2013 will take for himself, to pump normal press to lose five pounds or lastly run ten kilometres? How’d it work out? I am sure that not all. For example, I like running regularly, and run and there is nothing we can do about it. Can you? How do I know. They say that to succeed, one needs to set a goal. will teach you not only how to set a true fitness goal, but how to achieve it.

1. Write down what you want

Let’s say you want to lose those five kilos. What should be done? First, write the purpose. Second, we paint, what we need to do. Several times a week to visit the gym? To eat right? Make a list of all funds that will lead us to the goal. Then we paint each specific day of the week: what are you doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.? What exercises to perform? What you eat and how many times? May these leaves will have you everywhere: in the car, on the fridge, in the bedroom, on the bathroom mirror — somewhere you will always be able to see them.

2. Find yourself a partner

Motivation helps to fend off the program. You lift the weight, run around the stadium — some are not alone can go pretty far. Agree with someone convenient time of training: it can be a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, a friend — anyone. Joint training more motivating than exercising alone.

3. Pay the coach

Specially trained, well-versed in issues of fitness a personal trainer can be a great investment and an excellent motivation for training. If the certificate in fitness club lying on your bookshelf and collect dust safely, you should review its status. Take care of them. Coaches outside the club are incredibly expensive, we’ll even advise not going.

4. Watch your progress

Remember how in the first paragraph, we advise you to write down all of your goals and strategies? It’s inspiring. It is even more inspiring when you see your body beginning to take some shape: fat is coming off, and the belly is slowly but surely beginning to emerge cubes. Daily or weekly, write down what you achieved is a great source of motivation that will help you not to stop and continue to go forward.

5. Visualize goals

It is not enough just to have a goal (or several goals); start to present themselves more fit and muscular. It will help you achieve big and small goals. For example, you are trying to lose a few pounds — you have to think, going for a run. Close your eyes and imagine how your stomach tightened, and his legs cease to be thin — you will begin to feel like a new person! It can’t wait!

6. Do not hurry

You know, Moscow was not built. Even if you a week will lose everything a pound or reduce the amount of body fat in six weeks by only 1%, that’s progress. Do not rush to succeed in everything at once, otherwise you’ll be disappointed, you will give up, and you have abandoned any exercise. Therefore, the goal should be to go firmly and to know that one day nothing will change.

7. Be realistic

Have no illusions, there will always be things to distract you: work, family, different chores — you have to constantly vary the training schedule. So don’t freak out if something gets out of control if you’re forced to miss a class or reschedule it for another time: this is a normal phenomenon faced by all.

8. Be flexible

This point grows logically from the previous one. For example, one morning you missed the training, because a cold because he slept, because there was a Blizzard or an important meeting — Yes, for various reasons. You’ll have to catch up with her later, or to do at least squats and pushups to keep myself in good shape and not to beat the sport. Don’t blame yourself and don’t be upset if you did not get to the gym on schedule. In the end, you burned some calories and strengthened health at least push-UPS and squats — they are also useful for the joints.

9. Rest

You will not drop if from time to time you don’t rest from training. Relax, watch a movie, read a book, go to cafes, etc. to Diversify the routine is always nice to switch attention is always useful. Dude that can’t think and speak, in addition to their workouts, not happy, no friends, no relatives.

What to do after reaching goal?

Congratulations! You dump your extra five pounds, to pump up the press, ran 10 km without stopping — in a word, to achieve their goals. Now you have two choices: to stay in shape or to bring some other goal to improve something you are not happy. It is possible to embody the quest of a lifetime.

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