How to separate work from leisure

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2014_M2wIspopOzO9MRegardless of whether you are a mechanic or Director of a large holding, somehow you are faced with the question of the division of labor and leisure. The most pressing problem here, of course, is the absorption of all other spheres of life. Often this happens, bypassing your will and arises not from a desire to Excel in the service or earn overtime, and your inability to make a clear distinction between work and leisure.

To help you find inner harmony and get rid of workaholism Willy-nilly», gives some tips.

1. Consider how you work

If your 40-hour working week quietly turned into a 60-hour, it’s time to think about why it happened. There is a strong likelihood that your processing is entirely your fault. If you spend half the work day on smoke breaks, surfing the tape VK, disputes with colleagues, etc., don’t be surprised that I have to stay late in the evenings.

2. Learn to say «no»

However, it happens quite often that the leadership openly abuses his authority unduly burdening employees. In this case, it is important to learn to say «no» to attempts to overthrow the work of the entire Department for you. Thus, it is not necessary to go into conflict with the chief, quietly and at the same time confidently argue the cause of your failure.

3. Do the breaks

Despite the fact that we warn against loosening of work discipline, the break, you still have to do. Not too often, but definitely with frequency, you need to get up and stretch, rest their eyes, move to fresh air.

4.Do important things at once

The most important and challenging tasks to solve with a fresh mind, so you don’t have to postpone them indefinitely and recall them after work.

5. Leave work at work

All the forces fight the urge to consider an urgent question after hours. Abstracts. Now you sit at the bar and drink beer and, by God, you would be better to postpone all business until tomorrow.

6. Spend time with friends

When you live in the «work-home-work» easily be tempted to start, for example, to check work email at home. Spend time with friends and family, and, preferably, tell your free time for something that requires maximum involvement in the process that you have just not been able to think about work.

7. Know when to finish

To not your performance is not reduced as a consequence of overwork, decide his hour X the time when, regardless of the circumstances, it’s time to finish.

And strictly obey their own schedule. After sitting on the job longer than you allows your «internal schedule» you get nothing, except for strong fatigue.

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