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manygoodtips.com_23.08.2014_pOpQ4G8ivB8khEach member of our editorial Board wants you, too, have found my dream job. We write about how to start your own business, trying to inspire you to great things and cheer up, if things don’t go according to plan.

In today’s world of market relations and business, it is essential to master the skill of «buy-sell». Today we will write about what not to do to master the proper technique of sales.

1.Premature reaction to customer complaints

Of course you have to be prepared for possible criticism of its services or goods, but in advance to justify or come up with a claim to ensure that sell is the last thing. Tuning yourself and your client on a negative perception, you’re in a defensive position and make your own extra problem out of nowhere.

Never start communication with a potential customer with «You may be wondering…» or «You May be asking yourself…»

2. Transfer initiatives

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2014_YOOMn6tuXN2wHAdvertising or offering your product, forget about the phrase from the «I Want to know-ask me how». The list which ends with the words «to learn more, call this number», as a rule, no one answers. You in plain text asking the customer to do all the work for you.

Always keep the ball in their territory. Ask who’s in charge, who to contact, when to call back to discuss the possibilities of further cooperation etc.

3.Sale characteristics instead of the real effect

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_idlBl49o0aSjYAvoid Frank «impose» product. Many marketers believe that a successful sale will take place in the case that the most vivid colors to describe the functions and characteristics of the goods. But really, buyers are primarily interested in the impact the purchase will have on their life or business.

Manifestations of the basic need of the buyer and sell them the expected result. Use the description as the argument by which this result can be provided.

4.Hypocritical friendliness

manygoodtips.com_24.08.2014_YdzrcIdIOPT4wStarting «cold» telephone conversation with «Well, buddy, how you doing, how are you?», you risk to put yourself idiot.

Keep professionalism do not go beyond conventional forms of politeness – until then, until they win the favor of a man, which may take more than one day. Then, and only then, show all your gems sparkling wit.

5. The non-implementation of agreements

One failure and you’re on the side of a wide road called «success». All sellers want to «sell». All trade — fraud. Accept the fact that communicating with a person, you run into the barrier of these axioms in his head.

Therefore, you should not rely on leniency, if you can’t fulfill what you originally agreed with the client.

Take on only those commitments that I am sure 100%.


Your eloquence is appreciated’d have Cicero, if I heard you trying to advertise your product. But the fact remains: most people that pisses me off.

Don’t force it. Be attentive to detail. Listen to the wishes of the customer and try to grasp the essence of its requirements.

7.»The closing of the transaction» as a farewell forever. you are smiling in all 32 trying to arrange the sale. And after signing the contract, already can not remember what this man and what does he want from you, after all the money/contract you have already received.

But bear in mind that the most interesting and promising begins when you are issued a deal – because it is the beginning of trade relations, which may result in productive cooperation. But it is much easier and more profitable than the conclusion of one transaction.

Always set yourself up for the fact that this long-term partnership, not a one-time srabana dough. Let it will not always be true, but the benefits of positive thinking has not been canceled.

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