How to seem more sexy

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2014_LbGA9R2kFdRC8The question of how to get a girl on their territory without much worries and problems that had plagued generations of men. But we live in an age of scientific and technological progress, so the men in white coats once again proved that they do not knowingly eat their own bread, offering to the public the results of new experiments. Maybe they are less convincing than the good old advice from the «Good spirits tell him that you don’t stink or Clothing in one color makes you look cool and stylish guy.» But on the other hand, such things are much easier than the classic versions, gleaned from shabby methods of effective seduction of women. For example…

1. Facial


Of course, in the first place is she – beard, as a response to the seven woes! This is the hair miracle, capable, with due care and affection to make genetics most infantile brat stringent alpha of brutality, at least in appearance. On the pages of our magazine you will find a decent number of articles devoted to this male and sometimes female, but don’t talk about that paraphernalia.

Are you familiar with the history of shaving, you know how to make oil for beards, how to live with beards and when to get rid of it. But if for some reason you do not want or can not wear a beard, then we have good news for you.

Experts from Australia conducted a study, which was attended by more than a thousand women aged 16 to 34 years. The goal is to find out how women are generally smoothly shaven and unshaven men. The results showed that men with a ten-day stubble cause most women have a stronger desire to get closer than the owners of the «baby birds» or the lush vegetation on the face.

One hypothesis is that such bristles is a balance between masculinity and aggressiveness. Perhaps thick and lush beard you reminded her own old man or a crazy mountain cannibal. And none of these characters are not able to generate adequate girls, not in the framework of extravagant fantasies, sexual desire. Therefore, release to the will of its bristles and watch Horny women will start to buzz around you. Well, or cringe in disgust when you walk by.

2. Don’t smile


What do you do when you see before you a sexy babe? Begin to poison jokes, showing the kind you are funny and charismatic, blush/pale/green/, not being able to speak a word? Scientists from Canada made for us all the work and find out what is still demeanor is a keen interest from the opposite sex: women are attracted to brooding, sad, swaggering, but in any case not grinning in thirty-two guys. The fact that deep down on a subconscious level, wide and open smile is perceived as women’s prerogative and less dominant facial expressions. Maybe that’s why the Joker committed all those crimes? He was smiling and very lonely…

3. Get a dog


As it turned out, a dog is not only man’s best friend, but also a strong helper in the process of seducing women. It was also proved experimentally that when men with dogs and without asked passers-by girls room phone. The ratio of four to one in favor of dog lovers.

4. Develop vocal cords

Have you ever heard the sound of your own voice in videos or recordings? Most likely, this sound is reminiscent of the time when the balloon squeak out all the air and it turns to wrinkled flabbiness. But it is quite a common phenomenon – the result of the acoustics in your skull: you hear your own voice differently than it hears your environment.

It turns out that the sounds that you extracted from your throat, with the right approach can be used to attract potential partners, not only for whistling or hooting, whom you escorted to the street a nice lady in a spectacular mini. Generally, for men more attractive to women with high voices, because it means a smaller body size, but in the eyes of women, on the contrary, a man with a deep voice with a slight hoarse, masculine looks, sexy, but not aggressive, as a refined version of the caveman. A little practice and changing the pitch of your voice, you will be able to change the impression of the opposite sex. That’s why Barry white songs is the best soundtrack to a night of passionate love – this music sounds like a blue whale digesting red wine and chocolate.

5. The woman in red is incredibly sexy Men too…


It’s a truism that it is easy to take for the next sell, but science says it’s so, so, so. Or what? Today you do not believe the British scientist, and tomorrow will stand at the head of the troops, which promotes anarchy and chaos?

In General, it was held the next experiment women were shown pictures of men, made on white and red background. The almost unanimous won the boys surrounded by a mysterious allure red, despite the fact that the photo was the same men, while men did not care for the color entourage: they looked at the obvious charms of the girls. But girls in red outfits won a convincing victory over the girls in white.

It’s all in the subconscious: red firmly associated with sex, and why women perceive men in red sweater as owners of successful and high social status. And the red shorts of the original Superman? Women’s shock and awe! So put on your red leather pants over red pants and a responsible attitude to found power.

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