How to seem cooler than you really are

how to seem cooler than you are

Yes, I know «be yourself», «don’t play tough», blah-blah-blah. Can’t help it, sometimes I want to seem cooler than I am. And I don’t think I am one. Oh come on, everyone loves to show off and serve cool, even if they do not recognize. At least I have the courage and conscience to speak out. Of course, not everyone can turn on the light snap of his fingers and reach for another’s ear coin, but there are much easier ways to seem cool.And they work.

Don’t give that sweat

Cool in favorable conditions can be anyone, do not mind. But you want to seem cooler than you really are, but that’s another story. You have to be cool even in the fire, water and copper pipes. But the smell afterwards is not cool. Not cool at all. So lean on deodorant and soul.

Take the correct posture

To seem cool — it’s a fun exercise. The irony is that the more you try to seem cool, the less you do it. Act completely indifferent to others, take a nonchalant pose: the collapse on a chair, lean against the wall or just keep it, like you lost a couple of vertebrae. At the end of the day you need a good massage, but you look casually.

You have to have a favorite album cool bands

This will show how well and deeply you know music. For example, a very personable performer Bob Dylan — little guys are steeper, and the music delivers. If someone likes Bob Dylan, he has good taste. And if you can still highlight in his work a single album, it actually makes you almost a music critic. Don’t like Bob Dylan’s plenty of other options!

Haircut short, but not bald

Not everyone can grow a long mane. For a variety of reasons. Someone just a hair of that property in order to grow. Someone with hair that looks fruity, and want not all. Someone just doesn’t want to bother. And someone is the most important reason of all: he’s balding. If you’re one of those guys, I beg you: do not try to mask and try to hide the emerging bald spot. It’s pathetic. Short hair looks neat and presentable, unlike the quiff on his bald head, sparse hair. Remember: a good haircut is worth the money, do not pity them.


Cool dude is not disrupted. Cool dude don’t get mad. Cool dudes not shouting, not making excuses, not throwing tantrums and breaking stuff. No-no-no. Cool dude never lose your temper, no matter how hard that may be. The next time you will be facing another disaster, count to ten, and then react. This simple method will allow you to make sure you’re in control of emotions rather than emotions controlling you. Nothing gives you such an advantage over others as your peace under any circumstances.

You must have your buzzwords

Cool dudes usually have their own style of communication. They say special language with its own characteristic words. Cool dude set the trends for the different kinds of expressions: they differ for familiar and become General slang. Anyway, follow language trends. They change. For example, I remember a couple of years ago, everyone said «glamorous»? Well, who says so now?


To be good is to keep a normal pace when others are rushing with all his might. So don’t draw to the person attention and be afraid to be rude and ignorant. This is not cool. Cool guys let the party come to them and not rush to the first party, remember this. If you do not follow this rule, you’re not cool, and lonely type who craves the society.

Here’s a manual. I still was openly fraudulent ideas like «pretend you’re a foreigner» or «pretend you’re from the capital», but I was somehow ashamed to tell you lies. Especially that you’re not cool, and just put himself an idiot: to catch the man in such a thick lie — piece of cake. So you lie, but not lie like a gas meter. Just in moderation.

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