How to seduce a woman: a strategic method of spontaneity

Pora was.kom.ua_23.01.2015_KEHTpGj7nRimVGirls love guys who are capable of spontaneous and unexpected. Looking for a man who is able to just dump them down. No, not on the bed in surprise. An impromptu vacation, the emotional outbursts, the moments, the gifts are then transformed into wonderful memories. This is a key moment at the stage of honeymoon tyagomotiny. And you wouldn’t believe how many girls are willing to endure your mudatskoe behavior, remembering such good times, from the series: «Because we were so good, why the bull by the horns?» So if you, like many tough guys, I can not stand this very spontaneity, think of it as an investment in your future together. And if a friend asks when you’re such a bastard, giving her flowers and doing nice, here you get the ACE out of his sleeve and remember your amazing night, you’ve had a year and a half ago.

Well, seriously, the lack of spontaneity and inability, and even worse – the desire to surprise each other, to impose the death sentence for any relationship. If you are bored to spend time with each other, only a matter of time when you get bored and each others company.

If you don’t «surprise» type, or do you have a Shoe full of children and two cats, without careful planning romantic spontaneity is simply impossible. Dude, we don’t knowingly sit here and write all this! Let’s think together how to add fire in your relationship or how to move to a new stage, if the prelude is too long.

«Strategic spontaneity» is the sum of quickly executed actions that include financial calculations, preparation or ideas of planning (choosing a restaurant, travel on a weekend or holiday), which are represented as exciting impromptu activities at the present time. Typically used to excite a significant subject is female and get rid of the headache of man, which arises from the requirement to be actually spontaneous.

1. Time and Activities

This may seem contradictory, but the key moment of your spontaneous Dating careful planning. This approach will save you from the risks and unpleasant surprises. The main thing – to select a date on the weekend, in the next couple of months and, of course, not to talk about this friend or wife. And when the time comes «x», you will look amazing surrounded by a halo of mystery, intrigue and romance. Of course, it’s a little like fraud, but all for the good of the relationship.

Dinner at a nice restaurant is a mandatory part of the program. Next you need to choose a place where you go after. It could be bowling, movies, Billiards, anything, just to like you two. Although, if she had dragged you to the ballet, it’s time to grit my teeth and look away from the dancing men in tights and their huge (God, what they put in there?!)… After you consider offer her a walk in certain day. Of course, there is a risk that this day she cannot or does not want any cultural activities, so sonderby soil and monitor her mood. Unobtrusive. Without arousing suspicion.

2. Some ideas for strategically spontaneous Dating

1. If some idea will inspire you, add her to an already scheduled tour.

2. Events must be at least two. Add them to your calendar for the weekend within one or two months.

3. Calculate how much it’s gonna cost you.

  • bowling, Billiards, movies, laser tag;
  • if she’s a sports fan, pull it out of the game (hockey, basketball, football);
  • self defense classes;
  • wine bar;
  • participation in the quest;
  • tour of the roofs;
  • walk on the ship;
  • master class on needlework (pots, drawings);
  • master class on cooking;
  • couple massage or other Wellness treatments (bath, sauna);
  • the dance lesson;
  • prepare, pack a lunch and meet her near her work;
  • horse riding;
  • water Park;
  • art gallery;
  • visit of the flea market. Break up for half an hour and agree to choose each other gifts is not more expensive dvuhsot rubles. You can cheat. I mean not to save money, and buy something more expensive and prettier;
  • jazz, rock or Blues club;
  • hike to a secluded romantic place where you can meet the sunset;
  • sushi bar;
  • theater;
  • jumping on the trampoline;
  • climbing lesson;
  • the cool romantic night in the hotel;
  • a trip out of town;
  • rink;
  • Cycling.

The list is endless. It all depends on your financial and mental readiness. Plan dates that are far from family celebrations, focus on the weekend two to three weeks. Even when thorough planning remain open to and keep abreast of events. Maybe in the next town will be a cool festival in a single instance, and kind, then be ready to cross out a plate and navigate in the environment and weather conditions.

3. Checklist strategically spontaneous getaway

So, all that you need:

Identify the purpose: to consider monuments, historical sites or historic centers of the city, in the path of the elected seats.

Find a music group she likes, and find out the tour schedule: suddenly in the next few months will be passing through your town?

If you go out of town, think about the place to sleep. Let it be a romantic hotel, not a whorehouse at four hundred rubles per bed.

One event must be such, which will be actively involved both. The Spa treatment? Sparring in the ring? Think for yourself.

Choice of excellent restaurants. Everything should be stylish and fashionable youth.

Check cash or reserve funds on the card.

To be attractive, clean and neatly dressed.

Actually all. Are you ready to conquer and impress with their originality and gallantry!

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