How to seduce a sleeping woman

how to seduce sleeping girl

Imagine the situation: you come home late after work, and your girl is already asleep. Or do you first Wake up in the morning and do not mind to have sex. If you’re ready to fight, but your girl is sleeping, what can you do?

Note: whichever method you choose, always watch carefully how she responds to your movement. If she seems disinterested, and should not be forced. This is not the case, when the pressure you can do something to help.

If you did it slowly and comfortably to Wake her up, a big chance that you’ll seduce her. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Light up the room candle

The flickering light in the room slowly and gradually Wake her. It will be a pleasant surprise if she wakes up. Another alternative is to get the lights or night light, if such is your interior.

Use aphrodisiacs

The aforementioned candle can be, for example, with the smell of vanilla, so he woke her feelings. This will fill the room a pleasant aroma, which will make the girl Wake up and lead her in the right mood.

Turn on soft music

For background can choose something soft, not too loud not to Wake the girl too harshly. Try something slow with a heavy bass, with pleasant vocals, for example MOBI or Air that she loves you?

Pat her belly, legs, and chest

Caress her thighs, stomach and go to the chest. No need to start from the bust: this is too straightforward. Need to get to the chest gradually. Take your time, all your movements should be slow. Be gentle and move slowly to more serious pettigo.

Kiss her

Kiss her back, her neck back and front, under the chin, her ear. Discipline yourself! No tongue, just soft kisses. Then gently kiss her lips. Women really respond to it.

Play with her hair

Gently slide your fingers in her hair and play with them. A little bit massage her head. The effect it will make should not be underestimated: it will Wake her up even more and prepare for what will happen next.

Whisper in her ear

A quiet, calm voice say in her ear that you have in mind. Don’t need to be too literal, add in your words a little romance. Tell her she is sexy, do any other transparent hints. If you’re meeting her for more than a week, you probably know what words can start it.

Take off her underwear

Start to stroke her, first through underwear. If it will react with approval (will take more convenient for you pose, moan, etc.), you can slip your fingers under the clothes and start to caress her Clit. You don’t stick it inside your fingers now remove her underwear. Slowly! Pretend you’re a snail.

Lay down beside me

Put your chest against her back and touch her boyfriend to her so that she felt it. Hold it back — the ideal position of the spoon and continue to cuddle up to her. It must be a sign that you do not mind to have sex with her. If you’re lucky, she’ll react. If not, don’t be hysterical: the man was asleep and you woke him up, she can’t immediately navigate!

Oral sex

Spread her labia in order to correctly locate the clitoris. Then have at it. Don’t need much pressure, if not sure that she’s already quite excited. And there is a trick: you’ll know when it’s time to be more active. Approximately in a minute it is already possible to use heavier artillery.

Feel it

At night, the level of hormones in the blood increases, so the middle of the night some people may be very excited or in the morning the first thing that comes to mind is sex. However, in the morning us not smell very good, and we look not, therefore, some women have a poor attitude to the prospect of morning sex. Here is only you know how she feels about such things.

Carefully treat her condition. Better not to Wake the woman that is in a phase of deep sleep. Maybe this time she will absolutely not care how urgent you want.

And Yes, be very attentive to her reaction. Remember: if she continues to doze, stop.

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