How to secure commitment and improve your workout

Workouts, and motivation for each individual. Someone suitable one, and someone the same not only fit but also very annoying. But there are General tips for each exercise or for those who want to become on the thorny path of a healthy lifestyle. These tips have meaning for every guy no matter what he does. This is General advice for those who do not break in the first months of training and for those who feel that he is terribly bored to go to the gym.

1. Everything spelled out clearly

This applies both novice and Pro. When you have a clear timetable, it becomes easier to follow it. Write a program, get a notebook for training and mark three days in a week (or however many you need) to visit the gym. If you observe visits twice a day, clearly describe what you do at each workout. But no need to do so on Wednesday I will go twice a day, and on Friday maybe. In all important accuracy and ability to control yourself, and you need to work out the harshest of the habit. The schedule will help you.

2. The warehouse training program

Without a good plan the training process in the gym can quickly become a waste of time. Not only that, you might not be progress, and forget to do some exercise. There’s nothing worse than idling in the hall dudes that are trying one machine, then another. Actually, they do «try» because clearly they have no purpose. If you have no experience in building a training program, consult a trainer. As a rule, almost all rooms have service training programs. Do not confuse this with hiring a coach are two different things. Remember that the coach should not write to you in a writing exercise, it needs to monitor their execution and to show you around. Outline learning goals (build muscle and tighten specific muscle groups, to improve results). Look at us, or googling different programs. Try them and apply yourself. When workouts have a purpose, we are better able to control myself, but the most important thing ahead of we have a clear picture of what we want. And under a clear picture I don’t understand «I Want a huge «banks» and that heifers were given.»

3. Steer clear graphics

Habit does not develop immediately. First, you need a couple of times to kick myself to at least something to do. The first months in the gym after a long break often resemble hell. If you want to achieve results and not to crowd in one place, you need to do exercises in a certain order on a certain day of the week given a period of rest to recover. One of the methods of construction of most conventional workouts like this: warm-up, warm-up cardio (if needed), start with a heavy power exercises (deadlift or bench press), the transition to free weights, then machines, and then isolated exercises. In the article about the lies the world of fitness, I was going through the improper construction training, which is only ruining the progress you should look to it to understand how not to do it.

4. Track progress

Always need to know if you’re going forward, standing still or, on the contrary, somewhere you’re not. It should have a special book where you own hand meticulously you check the right number of sets and reps in each set to see if there was progress. Mark and the weight gain and the transition from the Smith machine to free weights. All notice shorter. The first time lead a training diary is very boring, especially if you’re as lazy as you. But when you progress, you can literally FAP to the numbers, aware of their ogranichennosti.

5. Call for help

Don’t risk to get injured. The worst idea you can come up with spontaneously and without preparation to hang on the neck a weight that you’re absolutely not able to pick up and literally stay under the bar. This temptation arises from some friends when they see teenagers and other guys, who can boast that much stronger than our heroes. Animal desire to compete and to dominate makes us act like fools, not to ask for help and to tear veins for very heavy weight. Remember that it’s a fucking heavy iron that could kill you. Don’t be shy to ask for help, don’t be a moron. Ask you to insure and help make the negative repetition.

Talk to the coach. If this man is normal, he will answer your questions for free. Only shitty coach will be to answer two or three questions for the grandmother. Good trainers have clients lining up and the money is always there. Remember that a normal coach does not pass by the guy who is doing the exercise with poor technique.

6. Remember the warm-up

As if was not boring workout, with time you get used to it. Well-mashed hot body, supple and ready for battle. Workout makes us to boost your «happy hormones». This helps a lot autoregulation, in a nutshell, self hypnosis. You can convince yourself that during the warm-up and subsequent workout you feel warmth throughout the body.

Don’t forget about stretching, it also gives a pleasant feeling, I agree.

7. Always remember the perfection of technique

If you can’t do the exercise with a normal technique, it is not necessary to increase the weight. You need to understand the technique and then to do something. Wrong technique will ruin you, man. We think that we are never going to make itself of injuries and joint, we hope the damned Russian «Avos». But twenty times better to be safe than to go to the podiatrist and attend physiotherapy.

In advanced techniques there is one great motivating plus. The guy who is doing the exercise correctly, looks beautiful. No, it doesn’t turn you into brad pitt, you just look like a natural athlete, and your movements are precise, harmonious and full of right courage.

8. Each train with a friend

A long walk with someone is unbearable. Friend needs attention, it needs to insure and need to talk with him. But you have someone who will support me and who will share your pain.

Training alone will help you to completely concentrate on the process, to be in my thoughts and at the same time to do useful work. Of course, an additional motivation in the face of a friend you lose but you have the time.

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