How to secure a sex

manygoodtips.com_14.11.2014_sxQw0LIUT677JWe figured out one thing: if the article has the word «sex», it read. No, we don’t want to take you up on this and cheat. We just once again want to talk about your sex with a particular friend. As we know, women are not ready to have sex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You probably would have to see it. Although we would not say that you yourself are ready to start humping right now. Wait, we’re not going to test you. Just want to make the mistakes. We want you to know more about how to let a girl down to have sex, and what you can expect the breakup.

1. Start preparing in advance

Some typical women before you can decide whether you have tonight sex or not, I remember everything you said and did two weeks ago. That is, if you were a great guy and listened to the story about how her day was, what’s new with her friends, and what happened to her farm in the social network, and then you looked in the arms of a movie, had dinner, and you even washed the dishes – still can cruelly break off. She remembers that a week ago you casually mentioned that she could lose some weight, or that you really were tired of her tantrums. So be a good guy, not just today, but always, if you want to fuck and your woman – hysterical bitch.

2. Do not forget about feelings

You’re not the heartless stone, isn’t it? Tell her how you love her, get a couple of compliments. They don’t have to be anything special. She already will be pleased to hear that she’s «the best/beautiful/expensive». Ugh, just don’t turn into a sweet mushy boy, just a compliment, don’t overdo it! But say it from your heart, and don’t quote some beautiful words, which read in the phone while sitting on the toilet. And do not have to do it publicly, just pick the right moment. Better yet, if without further ADO grabs her eagerly in the ass.

3. Better to do it in the evening

Why is it better to offer her sex in the evening? Just. You need a reason? Actually there are several reasons. In the evening women have more estrogen is produced. He is responsible for libido. In the evening, though dark, and many girls are ashamed of their shape or other body parts, it’s easier to hide. Besides, in the dark you can light candles. Corny? So. Work? So! And last but not least: girls in sex rely on feeling, and feelings don’t need light.

4. Start her up

Guys, basically, I don’t like long foreplay. Made business – walk safely, as they say. Girls, on the contrary, without foreplay, I can’t. In rare cases when she is very excited, you can just do without it. Do not have to climb under her panties or grabbing a breast. Although sometimes you want… If you want, you can.

5. Don’t let her discomfort

Look at the situation. With a calm and quiet girls behave more discreetly. Although experience shows that sometimes these peaceful ladies are passionate bitches in bed. When the process goes, you’ll know how to behave, but it is best to begin slowly and carefully. Better yet, find yourself one which you yourself will be comfortable, and will not need to build itself from what is not.

6. Give her some time

And a lot better. She also prepared and really wanted to have sex with you and get pleasure from this process (you do not only satisfy themselves together?), it takes time. Time to you to bond, to communicate. In General, it is not necessary to pull her to the bed. In such cases, great movie. There is a reason in order to lie down, and on a romantic scene to stroke, to touch, to kiss her everywhere. Here it is and ready. And if you want to make contact quickly enough, then wait for her naked in the room while she went out for juice. Try the tactics of a naked man!

7. Don’t start too serious a theme before sex

It is clear that in bed you don’t know her relationship to Rembrandt or to discuss the latest news from the life of Tim cook (who, incidentally, admitted that he was gay. I hope you’ve already dumped my brand new iPhone6 Plus?). Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have hot topic where you strongly disagree. Classic forbidden topics: politics, religion, attitude towards family/children. But that’s only if you do not know each other. If you decide to watch the film, as it is written in the 6th paragraph, don’t pick a complex psychological drama, after this she probably won’t want sex. Better look at something like American pie or other movies where there’s a bit of Tits and sex.

8. Feed her

No, not to the blade. Combines a light dinner will be enough. You can even have dinner at your house. At the same time you will demonstrate to him their signature dishes (We teach you to cook). So she quickly gets used to the environment, and gain confidence to you. Better, of course, that first sex was on her territory, then she will feel safe. Fuck knows what to expect from you. Can drink a little wine. So it will be even easier to relax. In General, sharing a meal always brings people together, so in us genes from our ancestors laid. At the table the conversation goes better, and girls like to talk.

9. Do not go to the final stage where it is unable to deal with the case

Well, in fact. We need to keep it in the store, of course, if you are going to have sex in the dressing room. From the moment when she is excited, and until you come to the right place for you, it may take a lot of time. Better keep it as small excitation and increase it as you get closer to the action.

10.Be ready for the bummer

Such are these women. Everything looks fine, everything is just perfect. You were cute, brave and even helped my grandmother to cross the road. Than you’re not the hero of her day? But she thinks about the grandmother, thinks about old age… and it is not up to sex. How so? Maybe you did something wrong, and maybe it is in it. Or more in it. You just got unlucky, and fate had not been kind to you. Go and take a cold shower, it will remove the drool.

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