How to say a firm «no» and not to offend

how to say no

We have already told you why girls don’t like nice guys and how to stop please everyone around. Maybe you’re just one of those for whom we wrote the texts. The so-called nice guys can be nice outside, but inside they are continually experiencing depression and emptiness.

Cute guys constantly fall into an easy trap: they always say «Yes» to every request. These failure people are afraid that will cease to like people if they refuse. Agreeing to all, cute guys, fit into your already hectic schedule additional cases and deadlines. In the end, they loaded themselves with as many cases that are unable to perform even their direct duties that must come first. And laughter and sin: in the end such a nice guy can’t cope with anything, not holding back promises and stops people like me — why he was so anxious to avoid.

People clearly prioritizes and sets goals, takes the time to reach them, and says «no» when the request is stopping him to do what is important to him. He never ceases to strive for the best, doing various things to stay just good.

You do not understand cute guys? It is impossible to please everybody. Even if you to help and please. And moreover, it is even possible to say no to people and still leave them with the idea that you are good and your guy.

If you find it difficult to say no to people, talk to our manual: it will teach you how to do it correctly.

This is not some personal no. Don’t say no like you no to a man because you don’t like him because of his insane idea; for it is boring. Let him know that you’re just following the rules.» I mean, some of his personal rules that do not allow you to accept.

  • «I can’t go to the polka festival on Monday, because we always spend Monday evening with the whole family.»
  • «I can’t donate the money. We decided instead of such donations to raise money and give it to… (any case)».
  • «Thank you for the invitation, but I don’t date women who have more than eleven cats.»

Let it be known that you would say «Yes.» If you show the person that sympathize with his request, but still can’t run, it will soften the disappointment of rejection.

  • «I’d love to take you to work, you are a perfect match for this position. But the HR Manager had already found another candidate and began to execute him».
  • «I’d love spoke at your Convention: I loved last year, the presentation was great. But I have accumulated too much to do.»

Show me what you’ve thought about your failure. To hear immediate and hasty rejection very disappointing. Show the person that you thought over his request that you need time to make the decision before you said «no».

  • «A very exciting script. I really like the scene where the robot-eater and the platypus became friends. But the Studio makes the romantic Comedy, I’m sorry.»

Offer some sort of compensation. If you can’t fulfill the request, think about what you can do to somehow help.

  • «I can’t be a judge on this game, but I will give you kegu that after the match you had fun».
  • «I can’t go camping, but can give you a tent.»

Let it be known that your refusal will go into their hands. You can turn your opt-in kind of service: it is only necessary to turn things around so that the man understood: your consent would only worsen the matter.

  • «You have a first-class newspaper. If I found the time to write you some text, it would not meet your high standards, which is famous for your publication».
  • «If I went with you I would still be asleep in the middle of the movie and embarrasses everyone.»

Say no to help oneself to say to yourself, «no.» The web designers, hairdressers and other creative people understand these feelings, when they tell the customer that his desire is impossible to fulfill. I mean, technically you can, but it would look bad. If they say «no» in the forehead, the client may be angry and offended. Instead, ask about the target person, and then gently show him why his proposal will not help to achieve them.

  • «If you want to make your page look simple and contemporary, all those rainbows and unicorns in the background does not tally with the overall style. I can show you some samples — perhaps this is what you need.»
  • «You have a very strong chin. This haircut will cause him to weigh the face.»

Let it be known that in the long term you can accept. Don’t make the situation hopeless, if it is not.

  • «I can’t give you an «a» for this work, but you almost succeeded. Next time will make the thesis more convincing, and then everything happens.»

Show me what a bad idea. If someone comes to you with the idea that we must never embody, regardless of what they say and trying, no need to sweeten the rejection. But No, get out, you idiot!» — also not the best way. But ask him a few questions and show where the plan is not working. Help oneself to see how unrealistic his idea is. You will be doing him a favor.

  • «Well, and who at this fake beard?»

Just say «no.» Sometimes it is the best way. If someone is wasting your time and respects you, no need to soften his refusal. Show him the door.

And finally. These tips will help you to soften the refusal, but should not make your speech ambiguity. Stay polite and warm, but firm and confident. Tell me your opinion, let them put up with it. Don’t let anyone blame you for something you don’t do things you don’t like. What is nice in reliability? You’ll respect yourself more if you learn to say a firm «no».

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