How to save yourself from hunger: everyone at the BBQ-kebab ask: what could be interesting in the kebab, because it is sold on every corner (Shawarma is also a kebab, if you didn’t know). But a large number of Caucasian cuisine on the streets of our cities should not mislead you. Kebab is a very complex and multifaceted phenomenon, which came to us, of course, from the Middle East.

Varieties of dozens of kebab: grilled kebab, kebab grill, kebab in a bowl, kebab sandwiches and kebab our, traditional, veined instead of meat and lots of cabbage (although, sometimes, cannot find something very worthwhile).

In any case, we believe that the best kebab is a kebabs prepared their inept hands, because in it you put as much meat as you like and as many efforts as possible to allow you the time. But the guidelines for the preparation necessary for all, even the most desperate consumers, so decided to give you for the judgment formula BBQ-kebab, such a hearty and tasty that you like.


— 1 kg chicken Breasts without skin (cut into cubes 2-3 cm);

— 2 teaspoons of salt;

— 2 teaspoons of paprika;

— 4 teaspoons of sugar;

— 2 teaspoons of smoked paprika (if you are not able to get the replacement smoked paprika smoky spices);

— Skewers (you can use wood, but they should be soaked in water for an hour);

— 1 Cup of BBQ sauce.

Preparation: In a large bowl, spread evenly salt the chicken. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in refrigerator for an hour.

2. Prep the grill: crank up all burners on high, close the grill lid so that it is warmed up (15 minutes is enough). In General, you must have very good heat.

3. While the grill heats up, you can pull out the chicken and lay it on paper towels. Chicken must be dry prior to grilling. Meanwhile, in small bowl, combine the sweet and smoked paprika with the sugar. Cut this mixture in the chicken and immediately nanizyvat meat on skewers.

Tip: you can make two slices of bacon mashed potatoes and cover them the meat will be delicious, promise.

4. When frying turn the kebab a quarter every 2-3 minutes until the meat is well browned. Only need to fry for about 8 minutes (for Breasts). After brush the meat with barbecue sauce and wait until it becomes brown (minutes will suffice).

5. Remove the kebabs from the grill, wait 5 minutes and ready to serve. Clearly, with BBQ sauce.

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