How to save the most extreme event in your life

Tell me how much you love risk, and I’ll tell you how to fix it. Admit it, sometimes you want to shoot and share amazing extreme moments with all through video. All extreme adventures accumulate a lot of bright moments — from the first jump or the descent to attack of a Golden eagle on your friend who is fond of downhill.

The choice of apparatus

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_wUGHswgKmMMFZIt all starts with the camera. Of course, with a reliable modern camera can capture and the rafting, and jumping off a garage, and escape from angry dogs. Professionals recommend to make one accurate shot than a thousand blurry. However, the effect can be so dynamic that to allocate a certain time can be difficult. Better to shoot a series of shots and then, in a calm atmosphere, got rid of the shock to choose the best frame. And here, if we are talking about photography, it is better to choose a camera with a good rate of fire (in the best sense of the word). At least 5 frames per second. Today’s digital cameras, another important parameter is a matrix. Professionals choose camera full frame — when the matrix is approximately equal to the frame size of 35mm film. Only polnometrazhnye cameras allow you to transfer all depth of light and color that is able to traditional film equipment.

Photos need not only to quickly relieve, but and fast to record. Use high-speed flash card: when shoot large series, the difference in comparison with the normal maps visible very much. Also important here is the differential temperature, which ensures stable operation. A special «extreme» series cards allow you smoothly remove in the temperature range from 25 to 85°C.

As for the video, it is only action Cam. How are you going to remove your adventures on windsurf if you’re in the hands of the antediluvian crocodile, or inconvenient, unsuitable to the shooting conventional camera?

If we take the camera, only quality. About Xiaomi Yi 4K already spoken of as a revolution in the market of action cameras, so we recommend. The quality of shooting 4K and reliability — everything you need for extreme photography, this is not a complete set of advantages of this camera.

Check inventory

Before leaving you should check all the equipment. You know, he left the house, happy and satisfied, ready to shoot his parachute jump, and the camera died. The main problem of every second «chamber of craftsmen» uncharged battery. And make sure you bring a spare, you never know what might happen. It may be necessary to remove all of it, without interruption, from the moment of takeoff, when all the happy faces, and when faces are puzzled.

Same story with the memory card. First, it would not hurt to look and see how much space you have. Well, of course, does not happen, bring a spare.

The evil winds and rains weather can spoil all the cards of the operator/photographer. Not in the sense that your base will roll the bench under a heavy rain, and that photo or video camera can be damaged from careless drops. It is necessary to specify not only the weather, but that in what span of time it may change. In case of rain it is useful to have several transparent packages, at least for flares. Camera has no special protection is to hide it in something waterproof. No need to look for a special protective film covers, much easier. Here the usual store package here. Wrapped, patched and hail. If in the process of shooting need to move a little bit – can be screwed to the tripod with a big umbrella. Looks like this design in the style of «Mary Poppins» is quite extravagant, but in calm weather helps. Although in this case coined the convenient covers. But why pay more?

Camera much easier, especially with action cameras that can be used in different cases. One of the most popular is a waterproof case, which can be and to dive. There are more open areas that will allow you to fully and accurately record all of your screams of delight.

What else can prevent but the rain and wind? Dirt. Dust, soil, displacement — all of this is good for the camera. Even taking the race, the camera is exposed to attacks of the particles of the rubber tires, soot and exhaust gases. It hurts not only the quality of the picture, but inside. To protect the front lens element, you can use a UV filter. In fact – this is normal glass, which in itself is very poorly transmits UV light. This filter is able to protect not only from dirt, but from small stones.

With a camera on his forehead

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_nnSbxQziPv1icWhat is the most popular method to capture your extreme adventures? Properly, to fasten GoPro and screaming, saying his head from side to side. Shooting a POV-video is a separate science. There are so many nuances, that would be enough for a separate article. But limit ourselves to a short briefing. For shooting POV video (that is, in the first person. Probably due to porn, you know the meaning of POV) it is better to use the SuperView. It in the camera’s widest angle of view — very similar to how we see with our eyes.

Speaking of GoPro. The most famous and successful brand of action cameras continues to delight with its assortment.

Their new range of GoPro Hero 4 is like an angel’s kiss. 120 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, waterproof — what else you need high-quality photography. The range is constantly updated, so to choose a camera for your taste and pocket is easier to take on bungee jumping.

Clarity and stabilization

Now important thing is how to make the image clear and legible. Not very convenient to set up the camera when you go down on the ski hill. But to stabilize the image, otherwise why even go down?

To stabilize the shot while driving, determine the point-and-guide constantly on her video camera. If removed from the hands, relax the wrist and hand must move smoothly. Not helped? Then use additional stabilizers.

If you use the mount for the head, then lock the camera to the desired angle will help the laser pointer. The camera «saw» what his eyes see, you need to choose a point about two feet from the face, attach the pointer to the camera at the selected point to adjust the slope.

Handy tools

Inventive users of action cameras often use surrounding objects to shoot at unusual angles. Interesting shooting angles can be achieved if attach action camera to the Board, to the bike frame or on the springboard. A popular variant — the camera on the quadcopter.

One of the latest inventions — foot pole with cameras on both ends, attached to the helmet with the wheel on roller skates. The hinge is constantly changing the camera position, but the head of the hero always remains in the frame. But shooting with two cameras allows to reflect in the final video of the important moments from two different angles.

The GoPro lens captures wide enough exposure, and the object at the center of the frame is stretched. Thing is not to spread the frame and cover the background, if shooting from a distance of not more than 3 meters. In this case it is convenient to use, for example, a ski pole or a retractable monopod.

The creative aspect

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_3NcNaXoKZWJsHWhen shooting video, choose the frame rate. If you take for shooting 1080 pixels and 60 frames per second, processing can slow down the most exciting moments to make them even more dramatic. Professionals in such moments you start to throw a tantrum, they say the video quality is reduced, and all that. It decreases, but not so much that it was nothing to see. But the effect will be, but it will be stylish. It is stylish Slow Motion, Michael Bay said.

Many people shoot videos on their adventures, but their problem is that they stretch them to six minutes. The viewer is just not enough to watch until the end.

Another tip, if you plan to make a film about his journey by canoe to the country of the flying monkeys. Tip — don’t take. You’re not Konchalovsky, «Sibiriada» is removed, and friends-the audience is not very fun to watch 10 minutes of your mindless fun. Fun for you and them to watch on a monotonous stagger shots pretty boring. 3 minutes is the Golden time.

And a lot of creativity, because most will be pleased!

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