How to save interest

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_f9I3lRiiRVL59Curiosity is one of the most valuable qualities, «hardwired» into our consciousness from birth. It is the main determinant of the constant research activity of the child, the adult same curiosity helps consciously to advance the study of the environment, make discoveries, and to conquer new heights of knowledge.

However, not every adult can boast of the presence of this precious quality. In the process of growing ourselves gradually kill my curiosity. The routine life takes us, slowly but inexorably, leaving no time for the naive children’s questions.

It would seem, nothing serious, however, losing interest, you’re losing a lot of good and important in this life.

1. Interesting people learn better

Obviously, someone who is interested in the subject, achieve more success while learning. For a person with an interest, is not difficult to construct interest in the object of study and the it support that will certainly ensure the success of any study.

2. Interest enhances creativity

People, far from creativity, often believe that the moment of inspiration comes by itself, falling as snow on the head. However, this is not the moment of inspiration is the result of long and painstaking, but invisible from the outside work. Inspiration does not descend upon you if you sit idly by. You need to constantly whet your interest in the world around you in order to dive head first into apathy and indifference.

3. Curiosity helps build a successful relationship

Curiosity in relation to the thoughts and feelings of people in General and in relation to a particular person contributes to emotional convergence, and constantly working to strengthen already established contact.

There are a few simple rules if you are not able to regain, at least not to let you lose the rest of the valuable gift of curiosity.


1. Listen

Anyone who says that is absorbed by the craving for self-expression. The one who listens, is committed to recognition and understanding. Try more to listen to people. You’d be surprised how important and interesting you can learn if you just allow others to talk.

2. Lean prejudice

Try not to go on about truths. Do not be lazy to look at all the objects and phenomena with fresh eyes and learn about them yourself, not relying on preconceived opinions. You’d be surprised how much prejudice may not coincide with the actual state of Affairs.

3. Ask any more questions

No need to settle for superficial information, try to study the subject to look at it from an unusual angle. You’d be surprised how much you can learn, if not too lazy to ask a few questions.

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