How to save face after a bad joke

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We have already told you why your joke is not laughing. Well, when you understand why it happened, it’s useful, you’ll need it in life. But there is one moment: you’re kidding, no one laughed, you know why — but save the day anyway as it is necessary! Now we to you will tell, how with dignity to get out of this awkward situation.

Nobody will blame

Of course, nobody likes it when his joke did not laugh, unpleasant this. However, doing this is not from lack of intelligence or tact: just funny it happened to you, and that’s all. Have the strength to admit it and no one is to blame that they don’t. Do not say the dudes at the party they were too drunk that they’re stupid — it won’t work: that you don’t make them laugh. You’ll just piss them off and eventually you will find yourself all alone at the bar tells the same story to the bartender.

Make a joke over a joke

So, have you noticed that the joke was not successful. Anyway, the point is everyday. You still have a chance not just nice to get out of the situation, but also to make people laugh. How? Make fun of this joke. Make fun of him that thought it to be funny. If you screwed up in front of the girl, tell her that just got embarrassed and didn’t want to show it. She will laugh over you, not with you, but still laugh!

Don’t explain

The second pulse after the desire to blame not have laughed at people’s stupidity to explain a joke. Deep down you still hope it was funny and I think that guys just don’t understand what it was. But you know, better not. Here’s two versions of events. First: you’re not funny joke, no one laughed and everyone moved on to another topic. Well, I’ll go. Second: you’re unfunny joke, and launched into a explanation on what you meant. Now everything really drew attention to the fact that you screwed up, attention-attention!, keep screwing up. So temper your enthusiasm and don’t explain anything.

Keep talking

It is not necessary to a stroke, and to pretend that a natural disaster had occurred. Just keep talking. Still good for such a case a proven history, which certainly seems funny. Well suited for networking with new friends. For example, when you meet the parents of his new girlfriend. If they misheard your joke, pretend it never happened. Just work another good joke — and her dad will immediately forget that his daughter was Dating some idiot.

Do not repeat

Worse than unfunny joke can be only one unfunny joke again. So do not repeat, just the joke — shit. Of course, you were sure that everyone will laugh. But I was wrong. So no need to aggravate the situation and look stupid.

Draw conclusions

Humor is the art of trial and error. To change the order of the words, put the other drive — these little things can make a joke to play. Just notice that with your jokes bring a smile and laughter, and which fail — and on this basis, you can do more or less General conclusions. So, you start to realize what’s funny and what’s not. If you’re not funny joke is not the end of the world, it is a common, ordinary situation.

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