How to save 30 minutes a day


Time is not on your side. Today this seems the most painful, because his course was several times faster. Have to balance work, family, friends, exercise, social commitments, social obligations and physiological needs. XXI century has made us less efficient and more distracted. It is difficult for us to focus and prioritize. We gladly merge moments in the toilet — they will never return.

In this regard, even saved thirty minutes a day is a great achievement, because thirty minutes a day is fifteen hours per month. During these fifteen hours you can move mountains or, at least, to do something useful. How to save time? For this you need to do just a few simple steps. Do not have to follow all the tips — not all are suitable for everyone, but a couple can adopt in their daily lives.

1 the most difficult in the morning

If you work full time like most people on this planet, don’t put off hard work for the second half of the day. Brain performance is at its best between 9 and 11 am. It further reduced. Therefore, it is better to take up serious work before, and little things to finish towards the end.2 the Plan for each day

Before diving into the space of the new day head, write down your goals for the next 24 hours. This helps to concentrate the brain around certain actions, each of which must follow one after the other. The list will save you a lot of time.

3 Keep email under control


No need to check the Inbox every few minutes. It’s a waste of time. Check it twice a day — morning and evening. Try to persevere in this matter. In addition, disabling alerts on the smartphone is very helpful.

4 Less distracted

How to make a work day productive? To close your office door, turn off your mobile phone and to withdraw from all social networks. If ever left alone in the office on the weekend, you probably remember how fast you did without all these visitors, hanging out tongue and a «very important negotiation» in social networks.

5 Cleanliness and organization

No idea how you can work in the mud and decline. Your office, home, Desk needs to be scrubbed, as the deck of the Royal yacht, which gathers the fat cats of the British Isles. And it’s not just aesthetics, but also in the availability of things you use every day. Everything should be at hand.6 don’t cook every day

True for bachelors, or for fans of cooking, which every year becomes more and more (love to cook). But cooking is time-consuming, especially if you love to cook, like clockwork, adhering to all the guidelines and subtleties of the recipe. One solution is to choose a couple of evenings (weekends, for example) and dedicate their cooking for the entire week. Just give it a good billet to on weekdays you only need to heat food.

7 Sport helps to organize time


We always justify that we have no time, but regular exercise is not only beneficial for health but also improve cognitive function, which helps to overcome the routine. Besides, if you work at a computer, the sport is an opportunity not to ruin my eyes and back.

8 the Myth of multitasking

I think that you have heard about multitasking. However, this method of interaction with businesses is not for everyone. Rarely find a person whose brain is capable of concentration of work for more than one thing at a time. Much better to do one thing quickly and well, and then move on to the next.

9 Trips

No need to stretch things for a week, hoping that it will be easier to cope with them. Better to do everything at once. For example, you need to take help from University, get a haircut and donate blood — do it all in one day, not three. In this case, you save the time it takes individual trips.10 automation

Early pay utility bills in the Bank? Don’t do that. Today, this process (and many other) automated. To pay fines and bills for the apartment is possible through the application of its banking organization, via the website GOSULUGI. There you can make an appointment to see the doctor to replace the passport, to register the vehicle. No longer need to stand in queues and waste your precious time in this.

11 Gathering on the eve


In the morning you listless, sad and slow. Therefore, the collection of items for the work or training takes longer than in the evening. Much more productive to gather in advance. If all the clothes already ironed, Breakfast’s ready, and the sports backpack is ready, in the morning you just wash your face, brush your teeth, and close the door.

12 To hell with TV

Reduce the time for surfing the web and television, especially in the wee hours. Bright light from computer, tablet, phone and television inhibits the ability of the production of melatonin by the body. The melatonin, in turn, gives the signal to go to bed. So if you’re three hours of the night watching cat videos or a new series of American horror story, then be prepared that you need more time to rest.

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