How to retrain spiritually rich Virgo?

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2014_E0Pjr5yyHuSjKSpiritually rich virgin (and there are more well-known, but an obscene definition) – the same type that has always existed. Girls always knew that we want something special. We want a lady who would differ from thousands of others and become a friend to us and a really close friend. Attempt to artificially complicate yourself trying to sell themselves. A sincere person is always visible if you look really close. But what can you do when you fell in love with one maid, and all her masks spiritual wealth see gentle girlish nature? How to dig in her man, to retrain and get rid of TP? It’s hard work, but it makes the world a better place. If you really want to create my own Galatea, or digging in search of the Holy Grail, this article is especially for you!

General advice for everyone

Remember one simple rule: 90 percent of all spiritually rich girls dream of a strong pompous alpha male. The image is blurry, but still has a more or less clear outlines. On the one hand, he is gentle and attentive. On the other, ladies of such a character believe that a real man must always surpass them in everything. How? He just had to mentally push them and treat them like children. But without obvious rudeness. Jokes, skeptical attitude, allegedly clever phrases and banal «Because I said so.» Real spiritually rich is not much in its development has gone from a monkey and is on this stuff with ease, considering that it is a sign of an authoritarian ruler. Remember that if she doesn’t fall for it, she’s a normal girl, but if the lady shut up and become obedient, it is our client!

You don’t want a relationship with her, but just want potrollit and to change a little? Stay pretentious, cold, and in the style of alpha male from the example above. Going for her cruel, beautiful and evil. You even devote a couple of statuses Vkontakte.

Know that person completely can not be changed, if he doesn’t want it. But the real TP is just waiting for a strong man who you can become… banal and boring girl!

1. Plaster

Addicted to appearance our heroine love to paint different bright colors. A large number of eye shadow, Foundation, blush and some makeup in all points of the face, makes them unrecognizable. Red lips and long arrows are not all to ladies, but girls don’t seem to understand.

Keep in mind the image of alpha. Skeptical, noting that with such lips, it is similar to your teacher of the Russian language, only the purple bun is not enough. A couple of these obscene comments, you will notice that it was corrected and vulgar makeup left in the past. Don’t forget to build on the success of the carrot – say that so it emphasizes your natural beauty and blah-blah-blah.

The reverse side of the coin – the girl completely ignores cosmetics, hygiene and does not want to shave the bikini area. Thinks she is beautiful without makeup, and ethnic clothing, strange baubles and big earrings make it original. But it’s all true. Cosmetics, clothes, a razor, a gym and diet only improve a lady. First, get her in the head, so it will not lose its incredible individuality and acquire a special charm of Marilyn Monroe or Reifenstein Laziness (well, Faina Ranevskaya, at worst). Say that the famous platinum blonde Norma Jeane Mortenson, too, squatted with a barbell for beautiful buttocks. Hearing the familiar names, the lady will start to follow him. Add a few cynical comments to expedite the process.

2. Beliefs

Ladies hipster (and hipster gentlemen) believe that reading the right literature, viewing the right movies and name-calling games, comics and TV series makes them much better than they really are. It brings them closer to elite, gives the status of the selected world. A couple of Jarmusch movies and she’s the smartest, most educated, most beautiful, and just the very best. Actually, no. This is a very unpleasant fact, but reading even a recognized classics and good books, yet no one ever did better. Especially girls who are the focus of this article.

The fact that most of these books they just look. In the head nothing remains, except a couple of inspirational phrases that you can sign your photo in Instagram. And the answer is they are not able why the little book of fashion modern Argentine author something better «a Song of ice and fire» or the comic «Transmetropolitan». Typically, these girls are merged in a dispute is very simple. Then I get angry, but better.

If you notice your sweetheart’s such trends and want to change it, not throw, remember the rule from the beginning of the article! Carefully and very politely punch it in the head with your «enlightened» pretty reading «proper» literature doesn’t change anything, if not to think over every line, not just swallowing books for quantity. Be sure to quote a couple of clever phrases for this reason, you probably will find them somewhere. Be persistent. Better give the lady a couple of works of art that do not fit into her picture of the world. Raise a laugh when she offers you your Fowles. Instead, put it in front of her «a Song of ice and fire» or office for computer with «The Wolf among us». The best defense, as we know, attack. Show her the cool options and hint that smart people change their beliefs. If she’s drunk, and will spit, despite the fact that she liked, go figure!

Your girlfriend or just a friend considers himself belonging to a high caste, on the sole basis that it uses «the right thing»? Pick it up for a laugh and very carefully cultivated in her a doubt that there is anything right or only the elite. Put her logical question: «Why is X better than Y?».

The young lady doesn’t want to appear? To teach the girl to read, to be honest, is quite simple. He read, implying that it’s cool, and it is for you. Especially when you show yourself strong and authoritarian.

3. Sex

The woman carefully and regularly «like», far less prone to having any of your nonsense mood swings, bouts of elitism and other things that make it so.

Most often, an attempt to sell your body to the more expensive, leads to the fact that the lady sits for a long time without sex. And it irritates her. It can be, not many want sexual satisfaction how much attention that carries a similar kind of intimacy. For many girls sex is the highest stage of narcissism, they will enjoy not so much the process, as the fact that they want. Happy girl – minus the half of the problems with the head.

4. To pull her out of the circle of communication

You’ll think that she’s done with you, when you realize that you want to distract her from friends? Dude, this is for normal girls who, like us, appreciate friendship and human relationships. But «spiritually rich» are a special caste. In such a circle of intellectuals who gather in person, including young children and its origins as an underground exhibitions, such TP is a huge variety. No, there were plenty of normal guys, but most often it is not the best social circle. Perhaps she will be friends with whom she would maintain a relationship, but if you play your cards under the sauce of «I’m big and strong male, who came to protect you and get rid of the poison circle», it will rosalee and immediately agree.

So you can continue to make her human.

5. A special note about fitness-TP

Gyms Packed with girls who know that a healthy lifestyle is fashionable. Many of them have realized that fitness is really effective way to save your figure, but TP succumbed to the trends of time.

For the sake of the victory of good convince the lady to do the bench press platform with five kilograms of cargo over a hundred times in the three approaches, this is a very bad thing. First, it is useless. Second, it will not percocets. Never! The woman for this need very hard work. Show pictures of notable fitness-nyash and girls involved in crossfit. They are not shy to squat large weights, and their shapes are great! Do not forget to add that she had been wrong fashion. This should be done gently, as any process of persuasion in this list.

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