How to restore the passion in skinny woman, gray life

manygoodtips.com_28.09.2016_tjbZc5KoIY5s6Without passion man is just a flint from which a spark is impossible.

– Amiel, Moshe –I Think we have ceased to understand the true meaning of the word «passion.» It is not always used in the context of love and relationships. You need to remember that passion is the driving force of life. When it comes to some dealing with addiction, even the most painful process a pleasure. In fact, as in love: if you have passion, you stop noticing her fat folds and stupidity.

But what if passion for life gone? It happens very often. Just go 8 simple rules which we all will return to normal.

Spend more time alone

Quite hard to understand yourself and your goals, if you are surrounded by a crowd of very active and energetic people. And God bless her, with the crowd enough even this one is too energetic individual. When around people who are stronger than you, it’s very easy to fall under their influence, and not notice how you begin to live their interests, their life, their tastes. You can see, but difficult to get off.

Therefore, it is necessary to decide in an instant to get to just send all to hell. Person sometimes need to be alone, that nothing prevented him deal with them. After this incredibly useful procedure, everything falls into place, and in the head receives the order.

Look around carefully


Regardless of where you live and with whom to communicate, it is sometimes necessary to look back and learn to truly appreciate what surrounds you. Look around you take a closer look at the details, use their senses and talents. Listen how perfectly this plays a street musician. Look at that beautiful house in your street. And what a beautiful sunset in September. And Xvideos, despite his poor design, no worse than Pornhub. Still the world is beautiful, perhaps we should give him another chance.

Feel its power

Pour yourself a drink delicious beer, whiskey, protein kokteila. Sit back, turn on your favorite music and try to relax, adjusting itself to a good mood, not thinking about politics, an argument with a girl about where to get the money to pay the rent, and other bad things. Focus on the positive, catch the momentum, and now, when Gilmour starts to play the second solo from «Comfortably numb», do you realize a simple truth — you’re immortal. You’re part of one big energy flow directed into eternity, and all the problems are not worth your attention. But don’t forget that someday your body will rot, and the time left not so much. So hurry up to live in his pleasure.

Write a piece of your mind

manygoodtips.com_28.09.2016_QZ4Ad97R4RfGFWrite down all the thoughts that tear your head off. Try to be honest, with yourself it’s not so embarrassing. And now look at them carefully. Those that are really important and relevant ,will trigger the most vivid emotions, some even aggression. They need to decide to live as a white man, and everything else is the husk. That’s when you’ll deal with those things that really excite you — then you will feel a tremendous relief.

Experiment with your choice

Now it’s time to return to the material world and a bit to play with this. So, the way is pretty obvious, but no less effective — do something new and unexpected for you: dive with scuba diving, learning pottery, play airsoft, go to the mountains. But in any case not to engage in habitual entertainment — if they pulled you out of depression then, it is not up to the task now.

If apathy has not passed the first time — do not despair, it was only one of billions of options. What’s stopping you? Lack of time? That is to sit and waste away the time there, and try to find the taste of life — no? But you, my friend, are a moron, in this case.

Bring clarity into your life


The universe loves specifics. If you’re gonna deal with what I want, I quickly noticed how much easier it was to live.

The attempt to flesh out leads to the inevitable self-knowledge. Quite a useful thing, which when used correctly allows you to better know yourself. Fleshed out? Understand what you really want? Now action now will be much easier because you know where to go and what you want to get the end result.

Self-hypnosis for therapeutic purposes

No one motivate you better than you know yourself. So go out naked to the balcony and Saori all around «I’m your mother! I’m the best Baker on the planet, and my buns are just adorable!» You can not on the balcony. You can not naked and do not have to be a Baker. Be sure to believe in own ofigitelnoe. Because if you’re not gonna believe this, then… then what good are you to anybody surrendered?

Magic noble risk

The last act is finally to take up the case.

The fact is, that feed the addiction things that make us nervous. One of these things is a risk — a noble and simple. Don’t be afraid to tackle those things that cause you have some doubts, because in this case it’s extremely useful. When in doubt, you’re more involved, more focused and yield to him entirely, and that is passion. But remember, any risk must be justified.

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